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The old saying goes “when it rains, it pours.”

“We’re not talking about a minor leak here,” said Melanie James, a tenant at Rosedown Apartments.

We’re talking about water falling from the ceiling of James’ apartment.

When we approached the management office they initially told us it was all sorted out.

“We took care of it,” a management representative said.

Marin: “What did you take care of exactly?”

“The vent,” the representative said.

Marin: “So there’s no more water?”

“Not anymore,” the representative said.

But the water is still there. Later, she told FOX40 it will take more time to fix.

“Things don’t get fixed within a couple of hours,” the representative said.

Marin: “OK, so right now it’s Tuesday afternoon, when are you taking care of it?”

“We are taking care of it since Tuesday morning, the representative said.

Marin: “So since this morning?”

“Yes,” the representative said.

But James says no one came to her apartment to even see what was going on until we showed up.

“Where’s your decency for the next human being? This is outrageous,” James said.

By late afternoon, the president of Coastline Real Estate Advisors showed up at the apartment complex to talk to James.

“He says there are going to fix things now. Let’s hope they do,” James said.


A major water leak at Rosedown Apartments has affected at least two families with children.

“There was water pouring all out of this area hear and then that main air conditioning vent there,” complained one resident.

The tenant, who didn’t want to be seen on television, told FOX40 News that, during the wee hours of the morning, she woke up to the sounds of rushing water. Their cell phone videos captured the flooding.

“I didn’t know what to think. I’m thinking wow is there some kind of natural disaster it was like a hurricane had hit or something the way the water was just pouring down, uncontrollable. It was terrifying we didn’t know what was going on, neither did the people upstairs for it was coming down through their apartment too because the leak was in the attic above their apartment,” the tenant said.

Tenants had no idea where all of the water was coming from or how to shut it off.

“When we attempted to contact the manager several times on their after hours emergency line, no response. So we ended up calling 911. We didn’t know what else to do. We needed some help with at least finding out the source of the leak and getting it contained and stopped,” the tenant said.

The fire department responded and found the source of the flooding: a coil connected to the air conditioning unit corroded and water just poured through all of the light fixtures and vents.

Like the fire department, we called management (its corporate office, Coastline Real Estate Advisors) and sent several pages to its after hours emergency number and, like the tenants who live in the complex, FOX40 got no response.

“They should have relocated us at one o’clock in the morning when this happened we had to sleep here in this squalor. They did nothing.”

The major water leak happened around one o’clock, Monday morning and everyone, including FOX40, are still waiting on a response from management.