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A Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy is out of jail and on leave, accused of molesting a child.

“Safe to say he has a number of issues that he is going to be dealing with in the weeks and months to come,” said Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal.

Deputy Donald Black first popped up on the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department’s radar not long ago when a young man walked through their door, saying he had been molested several times back in 2006 to 2008 when he was only 14 years old

“We are charged with a job to do. We hold our self-accountable and as such we took this case serious,” Royal said.

While Sheriff Royal says they took it seriously, it wasn’t an easy case – especially for him.

“For me, it is very disappointing … I was with the Sacramento Sheriff’s office. Donald Black worked for me as a Sargent in the jail,” Royal said.

Royal says his office contacted the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department on their way to arrest Donald Black, a 23-year veteran who had just reported to work.

He was booked into Nevada County Jail and, after a few hours, made his $100,000 bail.

“I think his career in law enforcement is done,” Royal said.

As for the victim, it is far from over.

“He is cooperating with us and I think that is a positive in light the total circumstances,” Royal said.

black donald

Black’s booking photo.
Courtesy: Nevada County Sheriff’s Office


A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested on lewd acts with a child charges, authorities confirmed Tuesday evening.

Deputy Donald Black – a 23-year veteran of the department – was arrested by Nevada County deputies Tuesday and booked into Nevada County Jail, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office says. He faces five counts of lewd acts with a child under 14 charges.

The case was a Nevada County investigation. Sacramento Sheriff’s say they are cooperating fully with the case.

So far there is only one known victim, but investigators are looking if there are more.

Black is on paid administrative leave.