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Shots Fired at Old Sacramento New Year’s Gathering

Sacramento Police say two people were killed and three others were injured, including the gunman, in a New Year’s Eve shooting in Old Sacramento, where people were gathered to watch fireworks.

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Old Sacramento Beefing Up Security for New Year’s EveSACRAMENTO-

A judge decided Monday that there was enough evidence in the surveillance video alone for three people to stand trial in the deadly New Year’s Eve shooting in Old Sacramento.

Investigators say Charles Fowler Scholtz, Carlito Montoya and Amber Scholtz were at the sports corner bar on New Year’s Eve a year ago. A beer was spilled on Amber Scholtz’s arm and from there, a fight ensued between Montoya and Charles Scholtz.

During that fight, a gun was pulled. Prosecutors say two people were injured and two were killed at the hands of Montoya, the accused gunman.

The three will be back in court March 4 for the beginning of their trail.


The Sports Corner Café in Old Sacramento will not be opening this New Year’s Eve.

Last year, investigators say two gang members got into a fight with another man and a gun was pulled. Two people were killed.

This year, bars are beefing up security to try and make patrons feel safe again.

Anthony Williams, who works in Old Sac, says security guards will also be patting people down as they enter the bar. Sacramento Police will have 100 officers patrolling not only downtown but in the open bars and shops.

Police say their presence inside the businesses will make everyone feel safer. Two firework shows are planned for 9 p.m. and midnight.


Those facing charges in the deadly New Year’s Eve shooting in Old Sacramento were in court Thursday.

Prosecutors say Carlito Montoya, Charles Fowler-Scholz and Amber Scholz are responsible for the deaths of two people and injuring two others at the Sports Corner bar.

The Sacramento County District Attorney played surveillance video from inside the bar the night of the shooting. The video and testimony from Detective Larry Timpey showed Montoya shoot and kill security guard Daniel Ferrier and Gabriel Cordova.

Detective Timpey also explained Montoya shot and injured 2 others, including a security guard who in turn pulled his gun and shot Montoya.

Only one person took the stand to testify Thursday. The hearing will be continued Jan. 6.


The last time FOX40 was reporting live from a holiday event in Old Sacramento, it was New Years Eve. A bar fight over a spilt beer that night would lead to an exchange of gunfire that killed two.

It started at the Sports Corner.

On Mardi Gras Saturday, the Sports Corner was back open. But customers not only had to get through a security guard, they had to pass through a metal detector to get in the door.

Right down the street, a fight did break-out at a saloon called Fanny Ann’s.

“Unfortunately you’re going to have a couple of fist fights here and there, but we broke it up. Nobody got seriously hurt,” said Sacramento Police Sargent Matt Young.

Sargent Young is part of  what could fairly be described as a massive police presence in Old Sacramento on Mardi Gras Saturday. He said that presence has nothing to do with what happened on New Years Eve.

“On New Years Eve it was an anomaly. And we had a lot of police presence at that time as well. Unfortunately these things happen, but we always staff these events heavily,” Sgt. Young said.

The idea is to protect the Mardi Gras revelers, but also to protect the reputation of Old Sacramento so it continues to draw visitors.

“We were just celebrating a good time and going to bars and experiencing Mardi Gras and experiencing downtown Sacramento,” said Katie Henson, who’s visiting Sacramento from Fresno with a group of friends.

It’s tourist traffic that could be another victim if there’s any kind of repeat on Mardi Gras to what happened New Years Eve.


Mardi Gras is a big night of partying and drinking in Old Sacramento, but extra security has been added in light of a deadly New Year’s Eve shooting.

Around 3,000 people are expected to attend celebrations Saturday. Four extra police officers were hired by the Old Sacramento Business Association to help with security.

Each bar will also be a part of an open communication network. If someone causes problems at one bar, they’ll be banned from the others as well.

Old Sacramento’s Mardi Gras celebration will feature food, drinks, stand-up comedy and live music. For more information, visit the event’s web page here.

Kai Beech filed this report.


Three people were formally charged Tuesday in connection with a bar fight that escalated into a deadly New Year’s Eve shooting in Old Sacramento.

Carlito Montoya, who investigators say is the shooter, is faced with two counts of murder. Montoya, 22, allegedly killed Sports Corner bartender Daniel Ferrier and bar customer Gabriel Cordova. He is also charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

With two counts of murder, which considered a special circumstance, Montoya qualifies for the death penalty. Prosecutors haven’t yet decided whether or not to pursue capital punishment.

Charles Fowler-Scholz, believed to have been involved in the fight that led up to the shooting, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Investigators say Fowler-Scholz hit Cordova in the head with a beer bottle. Fowler-Scholz has two prior felony robbery convictions. If he is found guilty in this case, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

Fowler-Scholz wife, Amber, is also charged with assault with a deadly weapon even though investigators say she had nothing in her hands during the brawl. Prosecutors say if Amber Scholz hadn’t reacted the way she did to having “a minute amount of beer” spilled on her, the situation would not have escalated into a shooting.

Kimberly Rankin contributed to this report.


Carlito Montoya, the 22-year-old believed to be responsible for the deadly Old Sacramento New Year’s Eve shooting, has been moved from the hospital to jail Saturday night.

Montoya was booked at Sacramento County Jail for murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Two others – 36-year-old Amber Scholz and 34-year-old Charles Fowler-Scholz – were arrested Friday. Investigators believe they are connected to Montoya.

Montoya had been recovering from gunshot wounds. Witnesses say an argument over a spilled drink preceded the shooting, shortly after the 9 p.m. fireworks display. The firework show meant for the stroke of midnight was canceled by police.

Two men died at the scene. A 30-year-old woman and an armed security guard were also hit. The security guard returned fire.

“If I hadn’t shot him, he would have kept shooting people,” Stefan Walton, the security guard, told FOX40 on Thursday.


Mugshot: Carlito Montoya

A local cheer team organized a bake sale to raise money for Gabriel Cordova, who was shot and killed in Old Sacramento on New Year’s Eve. Tia Ewing reports.


Amber Scholz


Two more arrests were made Friday in connection with the deadly New Year’s Eve shooting in Old Sacramento.

Police believe Amber Scholz, 36, started the fight that eventually led to the shooting that killed two people. Scholz’s husband, 34-year-old Charles Fowler-Scholz, is also believed to have been involved.

Investigators say the two are connected to Carlito Montoya, the alleged gunman.


Charles Fowler-Scholz

They were both booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Montoya has not been booked yet. He is still recovering from gunshot wounds in the hospital.