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Woman Crashes Car into River

DART was called out to help find the car of a woman who reportedly crashed into the Sacramento River.

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Crews Pull Car out of Water; Driver Found Dead InsideSACRAMENTO-

Mussarat Chaudhary, a wife and mother of seven, died in the Sacramento River last month after she lost control of her 2009 Toyota Camry in West Sacramento.

The family’s lawyer, Chris Wood points out, she made a call to her daughter right before the call to 911.

“That’s a huge piece of evidence in this case is that she tells her daughter, ‘I cannot stop the vehicle.  It will not stop.  I can’t control it.’  And that’s when her daughter tells her call 911,” Wood told FOX40. “And she does, but it’s too late, she’s already in the river at that point.”

Wood is filing a lawsuit against Toyota and against Marshall Auto Sales in Sacramento, where Chaudhary bought her car in 2009.

The lawsuit questions how well Toyota fixed the sudden acceleration and braking problem – and claims a Marina del Ray dealer conducted improper recall repairs.

“We have some information, believe there’s a contribution by one of [the dealerships] and or both, which discovery will fetter out,” Wood said.

Toyota’s Brian Lyons told FOX40 the lawyer has not provided the vehicle identification number to them.  With that information, Toyota could verify for us whether a dealer performed any necessary recall repairs.

“Toyota sympathizes with anyone involved in an accident in one of our vehicles. However, we are not able to comment on this pending litigation,” Toyota said, in a written statement.

Wood says the Chaudhary family is holding up as well as they can after what they’ve gone through, but it’s still a difficult time and they’re not ready to talk publicly about it.

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The 911 recording has been released of a woman that lost control of her car and went into the Sacramento River.

The driver, 57-year-old Mussarat Chaudhary, told dispatch that she couldn’t get out of the car. Authorities say that a language barrier slowed down response efforts.

When crews pulled the car out of the water, Chaudhary was found dead inside.

Chaudhary’s family has retained a lawyer.

The family’s attorney, Christopher Wood, says they hold no ill will toward the dispatcher and know emergency crews did all they could.


Photo of Mussarat Chaundhray released by the family’s law firm.


The family of a woman whose car crashed into the Sacramento River last Wednesday has retained an attorney to investigate, the law firm announced Monday.

Mussarat Chaundhray, a 57-year-old who was on her way home from work at the Cache Creek Casino, crashed her car into the Sacramento River while driving along Old River Road around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday. She was on the phone with emergency dispatchers for around 10 minutes, telling them that she had lost control of her car and crashed into the river.

At some point, the dispatcher lost contact with the woman and couldn’t reach her again.

Chaundhray also reportedly called her daughter, telling her that she could not stop her car. It was later found by DART and was pulled out of the water, Chaundhray found dead inside.

Attorney Chris Wood from the law firm Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, along with an automotive expert, have been retained by the family. They will inspect Chaundhray’s car to see whether anything went wrong. The CHP has already finished their investigation into the crash, but have not released their results yet.

Chaundhray acquired the used 2009 Toyota Camry about three months ago. Before she owned it, Toyota did recall of the 2009 Camry to fix two issues with the accelerator: one where it could get stuck under the floormat and another where excessive wear could cause the accelerator to malfunction.

Toyota confirms that even if a gas pedal were stuck open, the power of the brake system will always override the engine.

The family’s attorney told FOX40 that while they have Chaundhray’s Vehicle Identification Number, they have not confirmed with Toyota whether the car had been recalled or ever fixed under a recall.

FOX40 reached out to Toyota, who said in a statement: “We sympathize with anyone in an accident involving one of our vehicles. We can’t comment further at this stage except to say that we are committed to working in close partnership with law enforcement agencies and federal regulators with jurisdiction over accident scenes whenever requested.”

Chaundhray leaves behind a husband of 40 years and seven children. She was a dishwasher at Cache Creek Casino.


Authorities have retrieved the car that crashed into the Sacramento River Wednesday morning, finding the driver’s body dead inside.

The car she was driving was found about a quarter a mile away from where in entered the water. It has not been taken out of the water yet.

Reportedly, the woman was having car problems before she crashed into the river.

She was on the phone with emergency dispatchers for nearly 10 minutes, reporting that she had crashed her car and couldn’t get out. Authorities say that a language barrier slowed down response efforts.

Family identified the woman as 57-year-old Mussarat Chaudhary. They say she was a safe driver and was on her way home from work at Cache Creek Casino and Resort when she crashed into the water. Recovery efforts have concentrated due south of the Sacramento International Airport along Old River Road.

Cecilio Padilla contributed to this report.


DART searching the river.


DART has been called out to Old River Road just south of the Sacramento International Airport after a woman reported she drove into the river.

The incident started around 8:15 a.m., when the woman called CHP.

She reportedly told dispatchers that she had driven into the river and couldn’t get out of her car. The dispatcher lost contact with the woman at some point and couldn’t reach her again.

Authorities arriving on scene found evidence that the car is in the water, leading to the call for DART. They reportedly cannot find the driver.

A family member also on scene told authorities that the woman tried contacting them, also saying she couldn’t get out of the car.

Family said that the woman was on her way to work at Cache Creek Casino, talking to her daughter on a cell phone, when she lost control and crashed into the river. She reportedly said that her brakes were not working.

Cecilio Padilla contributed to this report.