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Woman’s Facebook Post Referencing Obama’s Assassination Investigated by Secret Service

A Turlock woman is being investigated by the Secret Service because of a post she made, using a racial slur and referencing assassination, about President Obama on Facebook.

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Geocommons map displays concentration of racist tweets following President Barack Obama’s re-election on Tuesday.

NEW YORK (PIX11)— Tuesday night as Barack Obama won the presidential election, racists took to Twitter to send hateful messages – messages that have now been mapped out by a Geocommons user.

You can view the map here-



Denise Helms is another victim to ill-advised use of posts on social media sites.

She was fired from a manager’s job after the owner of the Turlock Cold Stone Creamery franchise became incensed over her use of the N-word in describing President Obama’s re-election and the comment that “maybe he will be assassinated.”

Those who use Facebook are surprised that she messaged her friends her opinions. Jessica Escarcega was walking by the Cold Stone store today and was fascinated with the whole affair.

“If I want you to know my information and you’re a close friend, I will tell you. I don’t need to post it on Facebook,” said Escarcega.

She said once the quotes hit the internet, they are fair play for Helm’s bosses.

“I think employers should look at the Facebook and see what kind of employees they’re going to be,” said Escarcega.

Helm’s mother told FOX40 News that an ex-boyfriend re-posted a screen shot of her comments allowing everyone on the internet to see the comments.

“It definitely got big real fast so social media played a huge part in it,” said store director Chris Kegle.

Friday, Kegle apologized to customers and the community on behalf of store owner Duane Costa, who was disgusted by Helm’s Facebook post.

“We’re all about community and treating our customers nice and when you have something like that you have to do something about it,” said Kegle.

The Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP contacted Cold Stone Creamery officials about the incident and are satisfied that the comments weren’t representative of the corporation or its views.  They met with the Turlock store’s director and said the store took appropriate actions.

“We as community leaders and patrons of the business needs to continue to support the business that is handling a very negative situation,” said NAACP Branch 1048 President Frank Johnson.

Kegle said Helms never expressed her opinions in the store or to her friends, but Facebook users we talked with say some people are more comfortable expressing their views on social media than in person, where face to face feedback is more immediate.

“For some people the impulse is not to say mean things or rude things to someone in person,” said University of the Pacific student Iggy Lindsey.

Lindsey says it works both ways because some people are more careful with words when they write opinions out. But in Helm’s, case she admitted to FOX40 that her comments were impulsive.

Lindsey says he’s careful with his Facebook account because he will be looking for a job soon.

“Once you post that in writing on the internet somebody’s got it somehow.  It really is around forever at that point,” said Lindsey.


A woman who made a post, using a racial slur and referencing assassination, about President Obama on Facebook has been fired from her job.

Cold Stone Creamery spent much of Thursday responding to angry tweets about the woman’s post.

“This employee is no longer w/the (sic) company & her disgraceful and completely unacceptable comments do not reflect our views,” one such tweet read.

Denise Helms had already removed her post and has since deactivated her Facebook account.

In and interview with FOX40 News Thursday, she said that what she posted was wrong. She also maintained that she is not a racist.

“I think I was just really upset, and (the post) just kind of came out,” Helms said.

Since initially speaking with FOX40 Wednesday evening, the story has inspired a strong and emotional reaction from both sides of the issue.

Bayside of South Sacramento’s Bishop Sherwood Carthen said that while race is a touchy subject, it needs to be discussed.

“In America, we want to believe that we’ve healed the race issue. We haven’t touched it. So, we’ve got to do something about it,” Bishop Carthen told FOX40. “Unfortunately, we don’t like seeing it, we don’t want to hear about it but it still exists and we’ve got to be willing to confront it.”


The United States Secret Service is investigating a Turlock woman over a post she made, using the N-word, about President Obama on Facebook.

“Another 4 years of this (N-word),” Denise Helms wrote. “Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

The post, which has since been taken down, went up right after the president won his second term Tuesday night.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal,” Helms told FOX40.

Even though Helms removed the post from her profile, she’s not going to apologize.

“The assassination part is kind of harsh,” Helms said. “I’m not saying I’d go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

FOX40 asked her to clarify.

“Really? It wouldn’t bug you if someone assassinated the president?” FOX40 asked.

“Well, it’s not something I would dwell on. It’s not something I would be upset about,” Helms responded.

The Washington, D.C. bureau of the Secret Service told FOX40 that all threats, or perceived threats, are taken seriously and investigated, but did not comment further.

Helms doesn’t think her words were threatening.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong. I didn’t say, ‘Hey, someone go do this,'” Helms told FOX40.

Helms also said that, despite using a racial slur, she doesn’t consider herself racist.

Legally, Helms probably won’t get in trouble for her comments. If the Secret Service perceives her as a credible threat, she faces a Class D felony charge.