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Christmas Weekend Storm

A 4-day storm slowly moves through California over the weekend before Christmas. The wet weather and 2-3 feet of snow expected in the Sierra will slow down holiday traffic and possibly delay Christmas gifts.

California is not the only place for bad weather over the holiday weekend, snow storms are expected through the Midwest and flights into and out of Chicago have been cancelled.

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Snow Blankets Sierra Highways


Trekking up I-80 through the Sierra Nevada, we found travelers stranded thanks to the recent snow storm.

One family is 8 hours into what was supposed to be a 3 hour trip.

The worst of the storm has passed through the valley, but snow will continue to fall throughout the Sierra overnight.

Chris Biele reports from an apartment complex that a car nearly crashed into.

Residents say that the earlier “Pineapple Express” storm flooded the place.

CHP had already cleared the scene by the time we got there, but the scars left by the car on the grass was still quite noticeable.

Ben Deci reports from Blue Canyon along I-80, where truckers are once again being let through after some road closures.

The highway was closed for a time to all traffic, but reopened for passenger cars only a little after 3 p.m. Saturday. Late Saturday night, truckers were once again allowed to proceed.

For the most up-to-date information on road closures and chain controls, head over to Caltrans’ quickmap-


Truckers Told to Turn Back

Ben Deci reports from Applegate, where traffic along I-80 has started moving again, although only for passenger cars.

It may have taken a little longer to get here, but snow in the Sierra is now coming down heavy. Cars waiting in traffic are seeing snow pile up in the inches before they move ahead.

Saturday afternoon, I-80 was closed for a few hours from Colfax to the Nevada state line due to spin outs.


Interstate 80 to Reno was a breeze outside of Sacramento but closer to the Sierra, trucks and cars were almost at a complete stop as holiday travelers inched closer to their destinations Friday.

“Reno for the holidays. Skiing tomorrow,” said driver Sergy Yakovlev.

Before getting to the snow, dozens of driversĀ  lined up near the Alta exit to put on chains.

“We are going to Reno. It took us 45 minutes just to put the chains and this is the first time to put the chains,” said driver Cenon Fisco

“Last time it took me two hours before I got them on,” said Gregory Brown, who was driving a semi.

In Blue Canyon, snow fell hard.

Caltrans workers comb the roadways to keep them clear.

Despite the bumper to bumper traffic, most families weren’tĀ  complaining.

“Well I do not care because we are on vacation and we will just take our time,” said Fisco.

“of course we are going to ski tomorrow,” said Yakovlev.


Spin-outs Stop Sierra Highway Traffic


It may have taken a little longer to get here, but snow in the Sierra is now coming down heavy. Cars waiting in traffic are seeing snow pile up in the inches before they move ahead.

Several cars spun off the highway near Truckee in the snow, shutting down eastbound traffic on I-80 for a few hours Friday afternoon.

Around 12:30, a Toyota 4Runner spun out near Big Bend, about ten miles before Truckee along I-80.

Shortly after, more cars went off the road, including a Suzuki, Suburban, Volkswagon and Mustang. At this time, it does not appear that anyone was seriously hurt.

CHP is now checking for chains at Applegate and Truckee along I-80. Chains are also required along Highway 50, between Twin Bridges and Meyers.

Drivers along Highway 88 are not being asked to chain up as of 2pm on Friday.


Rain Making its Way Down, Expected to Stay Through Weekend

Darren Peck reports rain is making its way into the region and is expected to stay through the weekend.

Click the link below to see important travel information from the FAA about flight delays at major airports all across the country.