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Galt Officer-Involved Shooting

Reports went out that a Galt police officer and a suspect were shot. Officials have confirmed that the officer is dead.

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Ofc. Kevin Tonn with his partner, Yaro. (Galt Police Department)


Hundreds showed up at Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Galt Tuesday to help raise money for a new police K-9 for the Galt Police Department.

The dog will replace Yaro, the now retired police dog and former partner of Galt Officer Kevin Tonn, shot and killed last month on the job.

It costs about $10,000 to buy and train a police K-9. But, between the Galt Police Department, Foothills K-9 and Mountain Mike’s Pizza (donating 30 percent of all pizza sold until 8 p.m. Tuesday), the community is optimistic. To make donations, go to


Dozens of K-9 officers from around the state paid their respects to a fellow fallen officer.

Officer Kevin Tonn was a K-9 officer with the Galt Police Department, before that he was a firefighter, and served in the military. Representatives from several police offices, fire departments and other units attended the memorial Monday morning in Roseville, including the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department, Richmond Police and Yuba Fire Department.

Family members told the crowd Tonn felt like serving his community was the highest calling a person could have.

Tonn was killed on January 15 by Humphrey Gascon. The officer had responded to the area for a burglary call, and was talking to Gascon because he was nearby and matched a suspect description.

Gascon opened fire on Tonn, then went into a field and shot himself as other officers responded.

Gascon was not connected to the original burglary call, and his motive for shooting Tonn remains a mystery.

At Monday’s memorial service, his cousin, Jarett Tonn, held back tears as he talked about Kevin Tonn; the two worked together at the Galt Police Department.

“He had an incredible sense of humor. Almost nothing Kevin said didn’t include his sharp wit or sarcastic comment,” said Jarett Tonn.

At 19, Kevin Tonn entered the army as a military police officer. He also served eight years in New York as a firefighter.

He finally joined the Galt Police Department and was promoted to the K-9 unit with Yaro, his dog.

“He went out of his way to help other people but not in a flashy or public manner,” said Jarett Tonn.

That loving character was something Tonn was raised with.

After he passed, Tonn’s father asked if counseling would be provided to the family of the man who killed him.

“Giving ones life to save another’s is not a tragedy. Kevin knew that he believed that and he lived that until his final breath,” he said.

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Ofc. Kevin Tonn with his partner, Yaro. (Galt Police Dept.)


A public memorial service for Officer Kevin Tonn, the Galt Police officer that was shot and killed Tuesday will be held in Roseville Monday morning.

The service will be at Adventure Christian Church, at 6401 Stanford Ranch Road, at 11 a.m.

Following the service, Tonn will be buried at East Lawn Memorial Park, at 5757 Greenback Lane, in Sacramento. After that, a reception will be held at the Citrus Heights Community Center, at 6300 Fountain Square Drive, in Citrus Heights.

The service will also be streamed live online.

Because Tonn was a police officer, as well as a firefighter and a member of the military, it’s expected that there will be large amount of people paying their respects.

Traffic in each area is expected to be impacted.


Officers, firefighters and dozens more held candles and stood before the crowd to honor Galt Police officer Kevin Tonn, who was shot and killed Tuesday in the line of duty.

Several youth who worked with Tonn spoke of him as a friend who was funny and fun, yet always looking out for their best interest.

“We remember him as very helpful to us, as really dedicated to his work,” Guadalupe Alonso.

“He loved above all things keeping the community safe and above that was the children,” said Tonn’s close friend T. Miranda.

Many talked about his K-9 partner and how much Tonn loved him.

The City of Galt said this is the first time an officer was killed in the line of duty.

“Kevin will be okay where he is. He is in a good place. Now he will watch over all of us forever.”


Humphrey Gascon (Department of Motor Vehicles)


The man investigators believe shot and killed and Galt Police officer Tuesday has been identified by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Deputies say 30-year-old Humphrey Gascon got into a fight with and shot Galt Police Officer Kevin Tonn. Investigators believe Gascon then turned the gun on himself.

Tonn died in the hospital later that day.

Tonn was originally investigating a report of a burglary near F and 2nd Streets. Sheriff’s detectives say Gascon had nothing to do with the reported burglary.

“[T]his guy just happened to be a bad guy with a gun who was in the area, and his path crossed with that of Officer Tonn during the course of Galt PD’s investigation,” Sergeant Jason Ramos wrote in a statement.


Scene of the incident Tuesday afternoon.


The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is saying that the person suspected of murdering Galt Police officer Kevin Tonn Tuesday is not the burglary suspect wanted in the original call.

Tonn was responding to a suspected burglary incident near F and 2nd streets late Tuesday morning. According to the sheriff’s department, Tonn contacted a person in the area, thanks to a reasonable suspicion that that person was connected to the possible burglary. That man then allegedly opened fire and killed Tonn.

“[T]his guy just happened to be a bad guy with a gun who was in the area, and his path crossed with that of Officer Tonn during the course of Galt PD’s investigation,” Sergeant Jason Ramos wrote in a statement.

Ramos also notes that possible burglary suspect described in the original call is actually a relative of the residence where the burglary was reported.

The murder suspect took his own life after shooting Tonn. His identity has not been released at this time.

A candlelight vigil is planned for Tonn Wednesday afternoon at Galt Community Park, starting at 7 p.m.


Galt Police mourned the loss of one of their own Tuesday, after Officer Kevin Tonn was shot and killed by a suspected burglar.

Talking to the burglary suspect on F Street brought Kevin Tonn face to face with the man who would take his life.

“His loss is extremely tragic to us and to  the community. Officer Tonn was an extremely proactive officer.  He was a very friendly officer. Everybody in town knew him,” said Galt Police Lieutenant Jim Uptegrove.

Galt’s whole force could fit into a public school classroom at just 36 strong.

Dangerous circumstances prevented members of that police family from  returning fire once they knew one of their own was in trouble.

“Our officers were not able to return fire because of the position of cover that they were trying to keep,” said Uptegrove.

Witnesses watched terrified as the conversation Tonn started turned into a fatal fight.

“They struggled and heard two, three shots fired,” said Don Schmidt.

It appears  the man pointed out to police by witnesses ran into a field and shot himself.

“There is a handgun lying in very close proximity to the deceased suspect on the other side of the railroad tracks,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos.

Sheriff’s deputies taking the lead on the investigation into Tonn’s death.

The loss of this Galt veteran extends far beyond the department  he served for three-and-a-half years.

“This is a sobering reminder of the inherent dangers in the career that we choose,” said Ramos.

Tonn was a medic, a member of the military police in the Army and an assistant fire chief in New York before making Galt his home.

A trust fund to help his family has been set up at Premier West Bank and friends are planning a candlelight vigil to honor him Wednesday at Galt community park.


Ofc. Kevin Tonn with his partner, Yaro. (Galt Police Dept.)


K-9 Officer Kevin Tonn was killed Tuesday morning by a suspected burglar, Galt Police say.

Tonn, 35, had been with the force since 2009. Before that, he was a firefighter and medic. He lived in Galt.

The gunman that shot Tonn is also dead, having turned the gun on himself in a field near F and 2nd streets. Tonn was was investigating reports of a burglary when a witness pointed out a man believed to have been involved.

Police say a conflict ensued, and Tonn was shot.

This is the first time a Galt Police officer has been killed in the line of duty since the force’s beginning in 1946.

Tonn’s canine partner, Yaro, is trained in protection, tracking, searches and narcotic detection, Galt Police say.


Scene of the incident.


Officials have confirmed that an officer has died after a reported shooting late Tuesday morning.

The incident started as a burglary investigation, after police got a report of a suspect leaving an apartment building with some items.

A Galt police officer responding to the scene near F and 2nd streets saw a suspect fitting the description.

According to a preliminary investigation, the suspect shot at the officer, then turned the gun on himself. No officers are said to have fired any weapons.

The officer was taken to a local hospital, but both the officer and suspect are now confirmed to be dead.

More information to come. Stick with FOX40 and

Cecilio Padilla contributed to this report.