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Hostage Situation at Sacramento Jack in the Box

A man barricaded himself inside a Jack in the Box along Folsom Boulevard near Florin Perkins road just after noon.

He held two women hostage.

One woman was able to escape around 3 p.m., with police moving in around 3:45 p.m. to get the other hostage.

The suspect was shot and all hostages were unharmed.

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Operations are finally back out of the box for a Sacramento Jack-in-the-box restaurant shut down by a weekend hostage standoff.

“It’s shocking, especially being this area,” said Steven Gregory of Sacramento.

The gravity of what happened along Folsom Boulevard  was not lost on some of the first customers to pass through the restaurant’s doors since police say Xang Khang showed up there Saturday with a gun and frightening intentions.

“Hope those gals, the two girls who were the ones kept hostage are doing O.K.,” said customer Tom Fea.

Before being shot and killed by officers, investigators say an armed Khang grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the hair and threatened to kill her and her father.

When he released the child and the family escaped, Khang took  two female hostages, and held them at gunpoint for three hours, reportedly hitting one of them repeatedly.

Now employees and customers who love what ‘Jack’ has to offer are trying to help the restaurant get back to normal.

“I’m glad to see them open again I’ve been checking on them. I thought, ‘As soon as they open up, I’m going in to buy another hamburger and tell them I’m glad they’re back,’” said Fea.

Managers wouldn’t allow FOX 40 cameras inside to speak with them or their employees,  but they say they’re very thankful for the support of loyal customers.


Sacramento Police are confident that toxicology reports will reveal that Xang Khang, who took hostages Saturday in a Folsom Boulevard Jack in the Box, was high on meth at the time.

“If we were to use it right now and we don’t have a relationship to it, we wouldn’t think about going out and hurting somebody. We would think let me help you clean your car tonight help me clean my house,” said John Daily, clincal director for ‘Recovery Happens’ in Fair Oaks and Davis.

Daily is talking about the deceptive sensory surge that lures the unsuspecting into a life on methamphetamines.

The high-energy productive cycle the drug creates in users quickly lapses into a dangerous string of sleepless days.

“They like to go on a run for three to seven days at time and when somebody’s without sleep for that long. Then, their thoughts get distorted,” said Daily.

With that distortion, paranoia. And with paranoia comes violence.

Perhaps the most infamous case  of meth-fueled violence is that of the Speed Freak Killers, Wesley Shremantine and Loren Herzog.

They have upwards of 20 bodies tied to their crime spree.

Experts say extreme sleep-deprivation and paranoia create a short-fuse in users and once it’s lit, “People develop a high tolerance to this drug quickly and they will do things that they never thought they would,” said Daily.


Khang Xang, 26. (Department of Motor Vehicles)


Xang Khang’s family says despite what it might look like, the suspect in Saturday’s stand off situation is not a monster.

Inside their South Sacramento home, Khang’s sister and 9-year-old daughter were in tears Monday afternoon.

The family is shocked by his actions. In an off camera interview, they told us that the 26-year-old was a great person,
who would give anyone the shirt off of his back.

But, Khang has criminal convictions on his record, among them, drug charges, and a felony conviction for domestic violence, which means he couldn’t legally possess the gun police say he used Saturday.

Khang’s family says his motive, remains a mystery to them, and to police, as the investigation continues.


Xang Khang, 26. (Department of Motor Vehicles)


Sacramento Police released more details Monday afternoon from the weekend’s hostage standoff inside a Jack in the Box restaurant.

The gunman, 26-year-old Xang Khang, walked into the Folsom Boulevard restaurant and grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the hair and pointed a gun at the girl’s father. He threatened to kill them both. Khang let the girl go and ordered the father to the front counter.

Once the man was at the counter, Khang walked into the kitchen area. The man and his family then had enough time to escape unharmed. Eight other customers and employees were also able to run out.

Police say Khang’s motive is unknown. He had more than enough time to take money from the registers before officers responded, but didn’t. Since Khang stayed in the restaurant the whole time and was shot and killed by a SWAT officer, investigators may never know what his motive was.

Khang was seen smoke “what appeared to be narcotics” by witnesses, police say. He is said to have been “extremely hostile, unpredictable and violent” during the ordeal. Khang reportedly hit one of the hostages several times.

Khang was killed when he became separated from the hostage he was using as a human shield. SWAT officers used the opportunity to fire their rifles at him. Six officers are on paid administrative leave after the incident.


The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has identified the suspect in Saturday afternoon’s hostage situation at Jack in the Box as Xang Khang.

Khang, 26, was shot by SWAT officers and was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center, where he later died.

A check with the Sacramento Superior Court shows that Khang has criminal convictions on his record. Among them, drugs charges and a felony conviction for domestic violence. That means Khang couldn’t legally buy or possess the gun police say he was using Saturday.

Saturday’s hostage situation lasted nearly three hours. After shooting Khang, authorities moved in and were able to rescue the final hostage.

The situation started as a robbery.

The officers involved in the shooting are being placed on paid administrative leave, per department policy.


Ben Deci contributed to this report.

Rowena Shaddox talks to the families of hostages involved in Saturday’s botched robbery of a Jack in the Box. As some recount, there were very scary moments throughout the whole ordeal.


Photo of the final hostage to be released. (Photo by Carlos Rodriguez)


Police took control of a hostage situation at a Jack in the Box along Folsom Boulevard near Florin Perkins Road, resorting to storming the business.

Flash bang grenades or gunfire was reported to have gone off around 3:45 p.m.

Soon after, a female hostage was seen being released.

The suspect was reportedly shot by police and has been transported to the UC Davis Medical Center. His condition has not been released at this time.

Police originally responded to a barricaded person inside a Jack in the Box on Folsom Boulevard near Florin Perkins Road just before noon Saturday.

The suspect intended to rob the place, but the situation quickly escalated to a hostage situation. Only one suspect is believed to be involved, police say.

The suspect then held at least two women at gunpoint for over three hours. Just after 3 p.m., one woman was confirmed by police to have been released unharmed.

Police blocked off the shopping center and the road on that block. The exact tactics police used to apprehend the suspect are not being released at this time.

Chris Biele, Ben Deci, Rowena Shaddox, Darren McQuade and Carlos Rodriguez contributed to this report.

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Cops are keeping their hands on their guns at a hostage situation at Jack in the Box. (Photo by Darren McQuade)


Sacramento Police officers are currently at a scene of a standoff with hostages involved.

Police responded to a barricaded person inside a Jack in the Box on Folsom Boulevard near Florin Perkins Road just before noon Saturday.

Officials say there’s one suspect armed with a gun inside the restaurant with at least two female hostages.

No injuries have been reported.

Police have blocked off the shopping center and the road on that block.

Just after 3 p.m., police confirmed that one hostage was released unharmed.