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Nevada Couple Goes Missing after Leaving Citrus Heights

A Nevada couple leaving Citrus Heights after visiting family got stuck in the Sierra. They were missing for about a week before the woman, Paula Lane, was discovered walking near Highway 88 and 89.

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911 Call Released After Woman Rescued in Sierra


Paula Lane recovering at home in Gardnerville, Nevada.


After being stranded for nearly a week in the Sierra, Paula Lane was brought to Sorensen’s Resort along Highway 88 for help according to 911 calls.

In a 911 call from December 5th obtained by FOX40, an employee from Sorensen’s reports that Lane and her brother have just come in seeking help. Hear the call on FOX40 News at 6 p.m.

The unidentified employee and Lane’s brother, Gary, quickly answer health questions for the dispatcher as emergency crews get on the road.

“We have her by the fire, in blankets,” the employee tells the dispatcher. Gary and his friend had to cut off her shoes, and knew she had frostbite.

The dispatcher then walks the employee through some first aid warnings “Don’t let her have anything to eat or drink … tell her to be still and wait for help to arrive. I want you to watch her very closely.”

FOX40 sat down with Paula Lane, who explained how she survived for six days while stranded in the snow. Howard Coyle reports.


Paula Lane survived for six days in the snow after she and her boyfriend got lost when they took a detour to go off-roading on their way home.

Lane survived by sleeping in a hollowed out tree and eating green tomatoes. Her boyfriend, Roderick Clifton, left to get help and never came back. After a few days, Lane knew something was wrong.

“He died trying to save my life,” Lane told FOX40.

She is now safe at home in Gardnerville, Nev., recovering from severe frostbite, but it’s her broken heart that truly aches.

“I came across where where he was laying in the road. He looked peaceful,” Lane said. “I sat there for a half-hour and talked to him and thanked him for trying to save my life and told him I would make sure he wasn’t forgotten.”

Lane was found by her brother, Gary, six days after being reported missing. She and Clifton had left Clifton’s mother’s home in Citrus Heights Nov. 29.

missing Nevada coupleCITRUS HEIGHTS–

Roderick Clifton’s family is asking for help in getting his body back to Citrus Heights, family representatives say.

In spite of help from Clifton’s sister and brother, the family is still short of being able to bring his body back to Citrus Heights to be cremated.

Clifton and his girlfriend Paula Lane got stuck in the Sierras in early December. Lane survived, with Clifton’s body found in a drift of snow.

If you’re interested in helping, a memorial fund has been established. Donations can be made at any SAFE Credit Union branch, in the Roderick Paul Clifton Memorial Fund account #560649. If you’re unable to make it to a SAFE branch, you can mail your donations to P.O. Box 1057, North Highlands, Calif., 95660. Make the check payable to “Roderick Clifton Memorial Fund.”

Family and friends gathered in Citrus Heights Saturday to rememeber Roderick Clifton. Chris Biele reports.


The woman rescued from the Sierra has her brother to thank.

Paula Lane’s brother, Gary Lane, used a borrowed CalTrans vehicle to help in the search. He acted on a hunch that his sister and her boyfriend were in the same spot where the two had been off-roading in the past.

Brian Roth says he was with his friend Gary when they found Paula.

“We were not going to come back without her,” he said.

missing couple found

The area near Highways 88 and 89, where missing couple Roderick Clifton and Paula Lane were found Wednesday evening.


Paula Lane, who went missing for nearly a week with her boyfriend, survived on tomatoes and snow after the couple had gotten lost on the way home to Gardnerville, Nev., according to doctors.

Lane and her boyfriend, Roderick Clifton, got lost last week after leaving Clifton’s mother’s home in Citrus Heights Nov. 29. The couple had reportedly gone off-roading and became stuck in the snow.

Lane’s doctor told the press Thursday that Clifton was the first to try to find help. When he didn’t return, Lane took some blankets and began trudging through waist-deep snow. As it became dark, Lane slept in a hollowed out tree. She survived by eating tomatoes and snow.

The next day, Lane reportedly heard an engine sound and began yelling. It was her brother driving a tractor, Lane’s doctor said.

Clifton and Lane were found Wednesday evening, six days after leaving Citrus Heights. Clifton did not survive.

Lane is said to be doing O.K., relatively. She has some frostbite.

Lane’s sister, Linda, also addressed the media. She told reporters that she had to sit down with Lane’s 11-year-old twin sons to tell them that their mother might not be coming home. Later that night, Linda got a call that the couple had been found.

Luana Munoz contributed to this report.

missing Nevada coupleCITRUS HEIGHTS-

Mariah Clifton says her dad’s love for off-roading may have led to his death.

She says her dad probably saw a spot where he could see the river and stopped, then the storm came through, and he got stuck.

Rodrick Clifton and his girlfriend, Paula Lane, vanished a week ago after leaving his Citrus Heights home for a trip up Highway 50 to Nevada.

Clifton’s ’89 Jeep Cherokee got stuck in snow on Burnside Road near Highway 88/89. The couple apparently spent the night there, before he went to get help.

Wednesday night, her brother found Paula crawling along Highway 88/89. Clifton’s body lay nearby, in a drift of snow.

Alisa Becerra has the latest details about a couple from Nevada found after spending a week in the Sierra.