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Roseville Counterfeit Bust

A traffic stop in Roseville last week led to the discovery of $350,000 in counterfeit bills, police announced Friday.

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The due diligence of one Roseville Police officer lead to arrests and seizure of more than 350-thousand dollars worth of counterfeit money.

Roseville police say it began with a routine traffic stop near the intersections of Harding and Douglas Boulevards. The officer searched the vehicle and found burglar’s tools and several counterfeit $100 bills.

“Honestly it is just some great police work by some of our officers on graveyard shift.  They’re working routine patrol and they actually located a vehicle with no license plate on it, so they conducted an enforcement stop on that vehicle and identified it did not have current registration,” said Sgt. Jeff Kool.

Police then arrested the male and a female passenger and charged them with suspicion of conspiracy and possession of burglar tools.

“Obviously, in having conversation with these subjects that they stopped they determined there were burglary tools in the vehicle so then that obviously lead to a continuous investigation,” said Sgt. Kool.

According to the federal criminal complaint obtained by Fox 40 News the male had given Roseville Police a false name and officers found the man had an outstanding warrant against him in Sacramento.

Roseville police went to re-arrest 35-year old Bobby Louis Jones at a home in Sacramento, did a search of the property and found stacks of counterfeit money, paper, printers and other equipment consistent with a counterfeit bill-making operation.

“In ten years of experience I’ve never seen an operation this large in  investigation based from a patrol stand  point. A patrol officer being proactive finding such a large case. A pretty amazing job, very persistent police work that’s what we expect from our police officers here at the Roseville Police Department,” said Sgt. Kool.

Jones-Hanley is being held in the Placer County Jail without bond.

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A traffic stop in Roseville last week led to the discovery of $350,000 in counterfeit bills, police announced Friday.

Back on July 12, a Roseville Police officer pulled over a car near Harding and Douglas Boulevard for not having license plates or registration displayed.

A search of the car uncovered burglary tools and other items – some of them being several $100 bills suspected to have been counterfeited. Interviews with the man and woman inside the car suggest that the two came to Roseville in order to commit some burglaries.

Both were booked and released, but police soon found that the man had given them a false name. The man’s real identity led officers to Sacramento, where he had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest.

Officers with the Roseville and Sacramento Police Department soon showed up at the man’s Sacramento home to re-arrest him. However, a search of the home uncovered stacks of counterfeit money, paper, printers and other equipment that lead police to believe he was running a counterfeit bill-making operation.

Due to the nature of the suspected crimes, the U.S. Secret Service was contacted and they have since taken over the investigation.

The man, 35-year-old Bobby Louis Jones-Hanley, was re-arrested that day and now faces forgery, fraud, possession of stolen property charges. He is being held without bail at Placer County Jail.