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Prep School Coach Accused of Abuse Facing More Legal Trouble


Francis Ngissah was arrested for the third time in 2 months after more accusations of fraud.


The charges keep racking up against a Roseville prep school president. Police arrested Francis Amiteye Ngissah for the third time in 2 months this week.

The new charges stem from allegations he paid two Roseville businesses for groceries and auto parts with checks from closed accounts. Investigators also suspect Ngissah signed over a deed of trust on a house he doesn’t own as collateral to a bail bondsman.

Ngissah heads a basketball-focused prep school in Roseville, CCSE, and first got in trouble with the law in early January after students made allegations of sexual and inappropriate abuse.

He was then arrested in mid-February for fraud, after investigators say he defrauded a furniture business of $8,000.

The latest round of charges has landed Ngissah in the Roseville City Jail for burglary, forgery, and theft.

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Troubled Basketball Prep Coach Faces New Charges

Francis Ngissah arrested for forgery charges

Francis Ngissah was arrested in February after allegations of forgery and fraud.


A man accused of abusing kids enrolled in his basketball prep school is now facing new charges of forgery and fraud.

Francis Amiteye Ngissah was arrested at his Roseville home Tuesday after a month-long investigation into the forgery allegations.

Roseville Police say 24-year-old Ngissah bought furniture last fall by fraudulent means, defrauding a business of about $8,000.

He was booked into jail on suspicion of obtaining credit by fraudulent means, forgery, and other related charges. He has since been released.

Ngissah was arrested earlier this year after former students at his CCSE Preparatory School he ran out of his home reported being abused.


At 16 years old, Jermaine Denkins sought Francis Ngissah to mentor him.

Denkins’ mother, Constance Fullmore, says Ngissah had been mentoring others in their Del Paso Heights neighborhood and came recommended. But when Ngissah asked Fillmore if Denkins could stay the night at his Roseville home, she found it odd.

“He is not going to stay the night, but as far as him helping with his homework, O.K. fine,” Fullmore told FOX40.

One day, however, Ngissah asked Denkins to do push ups. When Denkins refused, he says Ngissah tied his hands with zip ties.

“So he was like, ‘if you don’t do these push ups, this is what is going to happen to you,’ and he started pinching my nipples and being really weird,” said Denkins.

As Denkins did his push-ups, Ngissah then made a comment that he could see his private area.

Denkins stayed quiet about the encounter until learning that Ngissah was recently arrested on suspicion of abusing other teens.

That is when Denkins told his mother.

“I feel vulnerable. I feel he invaded. He disrespected me,” said Fullmore.

If you know anything about Ngissah’s case, you’re asked to contact the Roseville Police Department at (916)774-5000.


Francis Ngissah reportedly sold parents on a dream that their child would get the training needed to excel in the basketball world.

The school he started was CCSE Preparatory School. It was run out of a normal-looking house in Roseville. Around eight students are reported to have lived in that home with Ngissah.

Four of the students walked into the Roseville Police Department saying they had been abused by Ngissah.

“Having their hands and feet bound with zip ties for extended periods of time, clothes pins were attached to their nipples,” said Roseville Police Sgt. Darin DeFreece.

Alleged punishments that parents weren’t expecting when they shelled out up to $15,000 a year to Ngissah. Ngissah was arrested, and is currently out on bond. He is charged with a felony that could land him in prison for up to five years.

“We have evidence that some acts did occur,” said DeFreece.

A former co-worker said the suspect lured teen athletes from other countries like Russia, France, Canada and Brazil. We spoke exclusively with a former academy coach, who said Ngisssah would go on recruiting trips and sell parents on a dream.

“There were some things that were said that were going to happen that would end up not happening,” said Keith Moss.

While Moss’s name is still on the website as a coach, he says he left back in September.

“I just saw some things I wasn’t comfortable with, so I backed out,” said Moss.

He never witnessed any abuse, but at least one neighbor reports seeing a hungry, crying teen on the front lawn forced to borrow a phone just to call home for help.

Police say they’ve been watching CCSE Prep for awhile.

“Prior complaints in regards to some academic issues and whether or not it was a real program or not,” said DeFreece.

Neighbors grew suspicious, too. Ngissah told them he graduated from Harvard, that his father was a judge and his uncle was the police chief of Roseville. None of which are true.

The landlord told FOX40 that he served eviction papers on Ngissah Thursday. He apparently hadn’t paid rent in five months. He also said Ngissah gave him bad checks.


Courtesy: CCSE Preparatory Academy


A Roseville preparatory school basketball coach has been arrested after players have come forward, alleging abuse.

Roseville Police say four student athletes who attend CCSE Preparatory Academy on Woodleaf Circle, a boarding school where foreign exchange students live and learn about basketball, are saying they were victims of abuse by their coach.

Francis Amiteye Ngissah, 24, was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of child abuse involving cruel corporal punishment and willful cruelty, battery and false imprisonment.

Sergeant Darin DeFreece of the Roseville Police Department says they had heard of issues with the school before, but for academic reasons, not for abuse.

“They were punished, and had to stand in the corner for an extended period of time, with their hands and feet bound by zip-ties,” DeFreece told FOX40. “They also had clothes pins attached to their nipples.”

When asked if this was a sexually-related case because three of the players involved were teens, Sergeant DeFreece said, “it seems more sadistic to us.”

Neighbors we spoke with were too afraid to go on camera, but many say they knew the man who was arrested.

The Roseville Police Department says two others have come forward, with the same stories of abuse. Detectives are now urging anyone else to may have been a victim of abuse, to come forward.

Katie Hackett filed this report.

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Prep School Leader Accused of Cruel Punishment, More Victims Sought


Courtesy: CCSE Preparatory Academy


A man who ran a college preparatory school in Roseville is under arrest for allegedly inflicting cruel corporal punishment on three teens and one adult.

Francis Amiteye Ngissah is the CEO and President of CCSE Prep Academy, and housed students at his Roseville home.

Tuesday afternoon, three teen boys and a man told police they had been unusually punished while staying with Ngissah. They told investigators they were made to stand in a corner restrained by zip-ties for long periods of time, and had clothes pins attached to their nipples.

Later in the day Tuesday, police say a total of six alleged victims had come forward in the case.

Francis Amiteye Ngissah

Francis Amiteye Ngissah was arrested for child abuse. He reportedly runs a prep school in Roseville.

Detectives investigated the claims, and arrested Ngissah for child abuse involving cruel corporal punishment, battery, and false imprisonment.

Three of the victims are foreign exchange students. All four of them now have different living arrangements. No other students of CCSE Prep were staying with Ngissah at the time of his arrest.

On their website, CCSE Prep describes themselves as a “private school whose intent is on developing the values, attitudes and skills of 21st century student athletes so that they can effectively take their place as future professional basketball leaders and contributors to their community and global society as a whole.”

Roseville investigators believe there are more victims, and are asking previous students who left the program to contact them at (916) 774-5070.

Ngissah posted bail and has since been released from jail.