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Reported Voting Issues, Delays and Irregularities

With thousands of polling places at various types of buildings, there are bound to be issues on election night.

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Jefferson Elementary School’s polling site was shut down due to a gas smell Tuesday.

The workers noticed it around 4 p.m. and called out PG&E and the fire department to check it out.

During that time the workers had to relocate all the voters, the machines and the ballots to the playground. Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, they were losing daylight.

A neighbor opened his garage across the street. Once again, workers relocated everyone and the machinery to man’s garage. About 20 minutes later the fire department gave the workers the all clear, meaning they had to once again relocate everything to the school for the remaining two hours of voting.

The ordeal while hectic didn’t detour any voters, in-fact that period of time was the busiest this location saw all day.

Kimberly Rankin reports on day three of the Raley’s strike, where some people have alleged that picketers have been harassing shoppers.


A gas leak at Jefferson Elementary School has prompted polling place workers to briefly set up outside.

Jefferson was evacuated for about an hour while crews repaired the leak.

As long as the sun was up, voters could cast their ballots outside.

After the sun set, a neighbor let workers into his garage to set up a makeshift polling place.

The leak was repaired after about an hour.

Political Connection

Reports: Voter Intimidation at High School


FOX40 has learned of reports of voter intimidation in Placer County.

Students from Oakmont High School reportedly threw things at people as they went in to vote, and knocked down signs directing voters to the polls.

The polling place for the Cirby Ranch neighborhood has changed from a church to Oakmont High School this year.

FOX40 is headed up to Placer County to check out these reports.