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Demarcus Cousins Problems

Since joining the Kings back in 2010, center Demarcus Cousins has been suspended three times.

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Cousins Back in Town, Doesn’t Talk Kings


He’s big with the kids.  Still almost a kid himself at just 22 years of age, and his biggest challenge is getting them to listen to him.

“Sometimes,” a laughing DeMarcus Cousins insists.  “I think I kind of come off the like a goof-ball right along with them.  This is something I like to do.  I like to interact with kids.  This is my way of giving back.”

Cousins’ hope is these kids come away not only a better player, but a more confident player.  The Kings big man saying confidence in his abilities is what got him to where he is today.  Cousins isn’t just speaking of his NBA career either, rather being invited to Team U.S.A.’s training camp for the second Summer in a row.

“From the last experience I came back a better player.  I learned a lot of things, so I’m going with the same mind-set and hopefully leave the same way.”

Cousins is candid these days about everything. Everything that is except the team he plays for. Choosing not to offer anything about the Kings, their new Head Coach, or their new owners.

“No comment,” he said when asked if he had spoken with Vivek Ranadive or Michael Malone.

“No comment,” again when asked about the Kings new direction and all the new faces in the organization.

With everyone else talking about the Kings, the new owners and the new head coach, it makes you wonder why Cousins isn’t?


Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins stormed out of an interview with the media Thursday at the team’s practice facility.

Cousins spoke with reporters for a few minutes about how things have been since his suspension was lifted Dec. 24. Two days earlier, the Kings suspended him for “unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team.”

Throughout the interview, Cousins mostly responds to reporters’ questions with one word answers. He appears to be agitated through the whole interview.

At the end, a reporter tells Cousins that he appears to be angry.

“I’m just reading body language,” the reporter said.

“Next question,” Cousins said before walking back to the locker room, glaring back at reporters.


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DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings’ beleaguered center, has been reinstated, the team announced Monday morning.

Cousins was suspended indefinitely on Saturday for “unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team,” team GM Geoff Petrie wrote in a statement.

The suspension came after an explicative-laden rant directed to Kings coach Keith Smart.

This was Cousins’ third suspension this year. He is already said to be back practicing with the team Monday, although Coach Smart has not said if Cousins will be available for the Kings’ next game at Portland come Wednesday.


Fans over at Sleep Train Arena Sunday night had a lot to say about DeMarcus Cousins’ latest suspension.

As USA Today sportswriter Sam Amick found out, Cousins was suspended indefinitely by the team after an explicative-laden rant directed to Kings coach Keith Smart.

This is Cousins’ third suspension this year.


DeMarcus Cousins, the troubled Kings center, was suspended indefinitely, the team announced Saturday.

In a statement, Geoff Petrie – the Kings’ President of Basketball Operations – said that the suspension was due to “unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team.

Cousins has already been suspended twice this season, although the earlier suspensions were handed down by the NBA. A one-game suspension was given to Cousins for hitting Dallas guard OJ Mayo, while a two-game suspension was given for a “hostile” confrontation Cousins had with San Antonio Spurs announcer Sean Elliot.

As the team notes, Cousins 16.6 points per game average this season leads the team. He’s also averaging 9.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.35 steals this season.


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Cousins Suspended for One Game, Will Return Friday


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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin-

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is expected to be back with the team for its upcoming game against the Thunder in Oklahoma City this Friday.

Cousins was forced to sit out the Kings game Wednesday in Milwaukee against the Bucks, serving a one game suspension levied by the NBA. Cousins was suspended Wednesday afternoon after the NBA reviewed the video of an incident in the Kings-Mavericks game Monday night in Dallas.

Cousins and Dallas guard OJ Mayo were jostling were jostling in the second quarter of the game when it appears Cousins swung his left hand into Mayo’s groin.

The NBA issued the following statement announcing the suspension. DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings has been suspended one game without pay for striking O.J. Mayo of the Dallas Mavericks in the groin area, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.

Cousins professed his innocence on his Twitter account, saying the groin slap was not intentional. He indicated this is just another case of the media looking to report only the negative about him.

This was Cousins second suspension in recent weeks. Earlier, the NBA suspended him for two games after a post-game heated exchange with San Antonio Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott.

Cousins is the Kings leading scorer and rebounder, averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds per game. The Kings lost to the Bucks Wednesday, so the team’s record now stands at 7 wins and 14 losses, last place in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.


Kings’ Cousins Suspension will be Appealed


The NBA Players Association will formally appeal the two-game suspension handed down by the league to Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousin’s agent John Greig told me the players association will go forward with the appeal of the suspension for what the NBA called a “hostile” confrontation with Spurs announcer Sean Elliot, even though Cousins has already sat out the two games mandated by the league.

Greig says the NBAPA originally asked the league to reconsider the suspension, but was rebuffed.

So, now the players group will formally appeal. According to Greig, the appeal will move forward hoping to recoup some of the money, reported to be about $70,000, Cousins lost by sitting two games without pay, and also because of the principle involved.

Greig told me, “You have to do what you think is right,” Greig said.

Here is the press release issued by Cousins through Grieg:

“I appreciate the support of the NBA Players Association in appeal of my suspension by the NBA. I believe it best to allow the union and my agent, John Greig, to present my position about the situation. Despite believing the penalty unwarranted, I want to apologize to the Sacramento Kings, our fans and especially to my coaches and teammates for this distraction of our goals. As a leader of the team, I have to make the best decisions so my teammates can count on me. I am committed to continued growth and being the best player I can be.”