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Complete Coverage: Storm Watch

A drenching four days of rain is expected to bring localized flooding around the Sacramento area, and Central Valley. It’s being called an “atmospheric river” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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Sacramento Metro Fire crews battled 6 fires in rough elements over the stormy weekend, at least one person died in the fires.

The fire causing some of the most damage was in Carmichael.

Crews say high winds from the storms caused what was a small apartment fire to grow rapidly.

Storms also reduce crews visability.

The rain also Softens the soil making it harder for crews to move around.

“If we placed a ladder in the soil that’s on a slope when we go down that ladder we have to make sure someone is at the bottom because the soil is unstable. It is saturated,” said Michelle Eidam with Sacramento Metro Fire.

fire in rainThe 6 fires included one fatality on Sky Parkway.

Two others in the Carmichael fire, including one firefighter, were taken to the hospital.


CHP reopened Walerga Road at Dry Creek Sunday night after significant roadway flooding forced them to shut it down.

Walerga Road is a main thoroughfare between Roseville and Antelope.

Despite the flooding, the road remained open for most of Sunday, but CHP made the decision to stop traffic once the sun went down.

The water receded, allowing officers to reopen the road.

Also in Roseville, flooding affected tenants at an apartment complex on Cirby Way. Those living in the ground floor units saw a couple feet of water pour into their apartment units.

Affected tenants are staying in a hotel Sunday.


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A fallen oak tree is to blame for a light rail service disruption in Folsom. The tree fell during the Sunday morning downpour.

Sacramento Regional Transit notes that the tree already has been removed, with crews working overnight to try and fix the damage.

Shuttle buses have helped Folsom residents work around the disruption. RT notes that these buses will continue to be in service if the damage isn’t fixed and regular light rail service doesn’t resume.

The Sunrise to Downtown and the Blue Line routes have not been affected.

RT officials will let people know Monday if service continues to be disrupted.


The City of Truckee prepared; opening shelters, putting out signs and informing residents.

“’We have been on around the clock 24/7,” said Alex Terrazas, Truckee’s assistant town manager.

The public heeded the warning, stacking up sandbags and vacating homes near the water, but the flood never came.

“It’s just really wet. It doesn’t seem like its anything we have had in the past,” said resident Judy Canini.

This community dodged a bullet. The rain turned to snow much quicker than the National Weather Service predicted.

“We really have transitioned from flood watch to snow removal operations,” Terrazas said.

The flood levels never came, but that didn’t mean homes weren’t affected. One house’s water alarm sounds, detecting water in and around the home. The driveway was under four inches of water.

Unfortunately, the owners live in the Bay Area and will have quite a mess next time they head up the mountain.

“We are checking on some of our friends that live in the Bay Area, making sure their houses are okay,” Canini said.

Chris Biele reports from Antelope, where Dry Creek isn’t living up to its name.

Luana Munoz reports from Carmichael, where Arcade Creek has flooded a portion of Winding Way.

Andria Borba reports from Roseville, where residential streets were flooded thanks to the storm.

Eric Rucker is by the Yolo Causeway that is filling with water, as cars drive through the rain in West Sacramento.


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