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Sacramento’s Measure U

Measure U will increase sales tax within the city by a quarter of a cent.

The increased revenue would go toward essential services like police and fire fighters.

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Most sales tax could translate to big money on major purchases, but measure U’s sales tax isn’t as bad as some might think

The new tax means you’ll pay 8.25 percent starting April 1st as opposed to the current 7.75 percent.

“For every $10,000 a customer buys there is going to be a $50 sales tax over last year,” said sales manager Davis Slaton with Sacramento Hyundai

If you purchased a $10,000 car with a four-year loan at roughly 9.99 percent interest, you’ll pay a total of $64.20 in sales tax.

“Once people see that it’s really not a significant amount of money I don’t think it will significantly affect us in the long term,” Slaton said.


President Obama supporters packed Oishi Sushi on K Street, where Mayor Kevin Johnson wanted to bring Demos and Republicans together for at least one night.

The crowd, elated over Obama’s re-election. Mayor Johnson, who campaigned for the president, looked forward to the future which includes new members on City Council.

In District 2, candidate Rob Kerth, who served on council in the ’90′s, pulled ahead of Allen Warren, a childhood friend of the mayor’s who has worked to help turn a blighted Del Paso Heights around.

Meanwhile in District 4, a very close race between candidates Steve Hansen and Joe Yee. Yee the apparent victor by night’s end.

Sacramento residents voted soundly for Measure U, a half percent sales tax increase to 8.25 percent which would mostly go toward 911 services, along with police and fire.

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Sales Tax Increase Coming to Sacramento


A quarter-cent sales tax increase in the City of Sacramento appears to be a sure thing Tuesday night.

With nearly all the precincts reporting, 62% of voters approve the sales tax increase.

The measure needed a simple majority for approval.

Political Connection

Sac City Early Results in Favor of Sales Tax


With 55% of precincts reporting in Sacramento, Measure U is passing with 60% of the vote.