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U.S. Congressional District 7

Democrat Ami Bera is challenging incumbent Republican Dan Lungren.

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Ami Bera won a close race between incumbent Dan Lungren for the 7th Congressional District seat. Sunday, he held a party for the volunteers who helped him get elected.

Bera just got back from freshman orientation in Washington, D.C.

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Lungrens Concedes District 7 Race to Bera


Dan Lungren has conceded California’s 7th Congressional District to challenger Dr. Ami Bera.

Thursday night both the Associated Press and others called the close race for Bera; initially Lungren’s campaign said they were not conceding.

Friday afternoon, Lungren sent an email to supporters saying he was “satisfied that enough votes have been counted to determine that I will not be representing the citizens of the 7th Congressional District during the 113th Congress.”

Both Lungren and Bera were in Washington, D.C. this week for new representative orientation, an event which Lungren helped organize.

Lungren served 18 years in the House of Representatives.

FOX40 file photo of Ami Bera on Election Night.


With the Associated Press declaring him the winner, Dr. Ami Bera tells FOX40 in an interview Thursday that he’s honored to serve the people of California’s 7th Congressional District.

“It is such a privilege to work with so many of my neighbors and the folks in the community. This is not my victory, this is our victory,” Bera said in a phone interview.

Bera is currently in Washington, D.C. for congressional “freshman orientation.” Oddly enough, the orientation is overseen by Bera’s republican opponent, Rep. Dan Lungren.

The campaign manager for Lungren did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but, in a short interview with the AP, the Lungren campaign announced it is not conceding.


Ami Bera’s lead over republican incumbent Dan Lungren for the District 7 congressional seat continued to grow Thursday.

The Associated Press called the race for Bera (D) Thursday afternoon, though the County Elections Office has not declared an official winner.

Bera’s lead widened to 2.2 percent, or 5,696 votes.


As the ballots in the contentious race for U.S. District 7 continue to be counted, a gap in votes in widening in Democrat Ami Bera’s favor.

The latest numbers from the California Secretary of State’s office have Bera at 105,245 votes, and incumbent Republican Dan Lungren at 103,466 votes.

That’s a difference of 1,779 votes.

The race between Bera and Lungren has remained extremely close ever since polls closed Tuesday.


A day after the election, there is still no clear winner for the District 7 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Both republican incumbent Dan Lungren and democratic challenger Ami Bera are watching returns closely.

“If anyone ever says your vote doesn’t count, you vote absolutely does count and this election is testimony to that,” Bera told FOX40.

The county elections office still has 193,000 provisional and vote by mail ballots to count, which could take weeks.

“We don’t change because 10 or 15 people are standing behind our backs and cheering us on,” said Brad Buyse, of the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Office. “What we do is we have to painstakingly research the vote by mail and the provisional ballots to make sure they are authentic votes.”

Lungren says the remaining votes could be a game changer.

“You have the question of, if it continues to be a very close race, whether there’s a recount. I’d rather have these things done right away,” said Lungren. “But the reality is it’s going to take some time.”

Ironically, Lungren is the head of the congressional committee that welcomes new members. Because this is such a close race, Lungren will meet Bera in Washington.

Chris Biele contributed to this report.

Eric Rucker has the latest the morning after the election on a congressional race that is too close to call, with less than 200 votes separating the candidates.

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Lungren-Bera Congressional Race Separated by 184 Votes


Less than 200 votes.

That’s what separates Representative Dan Lungren from challenger Ami Bera for California’s 7th congressional district.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Bera has 88,406 votes and Lungren has 88,222 votes.

The California Secretary of State’s Office is still counting and certifying ballots, a process that could take about four weeks.

Once the Secretary of State’s Office certifies the results of a race, then a recount can be requested by a candidate. A recount does not happen automatically, no matter how close the results.

Democratic challenger Ami Bera is pulling in front of Republican incumbent Dan Lungren, with 93% of the precincts now reporting.

Bera leads with 50.2%, with Lungren having 49.8%

With 80,109 votes, Bera leads Lungren by 712, who has 79,397 votes.