Mentally Handicapped Woman Found Pregnant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies and state investigators are investigating how a severely disabled woman became pregnant.

Del Mar Two in Penryn is the facility that housed the woman.

In a statement from Jackie Smith with Res Care Residential, the company that runs the home, they admitted to the problem.

Smith also stated they notified law enforcement when they became aware of the pregnancy, but would elaborate any more.

The woman is 34 years old mentally handicapped, legally blind and unable to care or feed herself, yet according to an ultrasound last week she is six months pregnant.

Deputies have conducted forensic and DNA tests on employees and persons of interest. So far, there have been no arrests but in three months, a child will be born that will bare the evidence needed to reveal the father and suspect.

Those who live just a picket fence away from this home are outraged, sick and demanding answers.

“I was just extremely upset. I can’t believe that somebody’s taking advantage of somebody so disabled and it just sickens me,” says Denise Foster.

Debbie Helton who lives right across the streets says she has heard noises that have caught her attention, but because patients with dementia live there, she didn’t think twice, until Tuesday.

“I have heard them yell and scream and stuff and not want to go back into the house, says Debbie Helton.

“Sometimes you hear screaming and things from the elderly people, it’s also Alzheimer’s patients over there so you just figure that they are just trying to calm them down or what have you.

Now that I found this out, it makes me wonder what’s going on over there,” says Foster.

Del Mar Two is just one of the facilities in the area. It’s licensed to house up to six patients.

To see Del Mar’s incident report with the state, click here.

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