Investigators: McKinley Park Playground the Victim of Arson

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An early morning fire burned a good section of Sacramento’s McKinley Park playground Saturday.

As families trickled in to play on a sunny Saturday morning, parents were just as upset as their kids, hearing that this was arson.

“It just angers me,” said parent Mandy Porter. “Now we’re going to have to look for another playground.”

“Right now our investigators are saying this is arson. We don’t know if it’s intentionally maliciously caused but we do know it is human caused,” said Niko King, assistant chief of the Sacramento Fire Department.

The fire started about a quarter after 1. Firefighters arrived to 60 foot flames engulfing the structure, spreading to trees.

It took two hours to finally put out.

“This type of wood exposed is really dry, plus the petroleum products from the slides and stuff, once they get going, they burn really good really easily,” said Sacramento City Councilman Steve Cohn.

Cohn says the playground has been around since 1994. It took a year to get funding, and volunteers from the community, including firefighters, helped build it.

“This was a real source of pride and still is for the community. So there will be a lot of interest in getting this rebuilt,” Cohn said.

It won’t be cheap. Last time, the cost was about half million dollars.

Nobody was hurt in the fire and the exact cause is still under investigation.

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