Bed Bug Infested Apartment Cleaned Up

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One week after a Sacramento mother’s desperate plea to FOX40 to help her protecting her baby from bed bugs, something has finally been done.

We spent two days at the Arcadia Apartment Complex on Whitney Avenue, finding bed bugs on the floor, on the counter and in the baby’s crib. Still, managers refused to see the problem.

A week later, managers called Clark Pest Control to take care of the problem.

“One bed bug is enough for us to want to take action on that apartment,” said Darren Van Steenwyk.

Van Steenwyk, with Clark Pest Control, believes the best way to kill bed bugs is to cook the apartment. They bring the temperature of the apartment up to 130 degrees using industrial heaters.

“The adults are sensitive to 118 degrees and the eggs are sensitive to 122 degrees. We make sure that the air running over the top of those eggs are above 122 degrees because we know that is enough to dry those eggs out,” said Van Steenwyk.

This process isn’t quick it takes a minimum of six hour, first they much get the apartment’s temperature to 130 degrees. They they must go in every 30 minutes for two hours and move, turn and test every surface of the apartment.

“We are looking to see where the bed bugs are, another thing we are doing is also working to expose the places we believe bed bugs to be to the heat. If it doesn’t get hot the heat won’t kill the bed bugs,” said Van Steenwyk.

The moving and turning of the items in the apartment is the most important part of this process, and can take a long time if done properly.

Clark Pest Control says this unit is now rid of bed bugs, but if the owner of the complex doesn’t get rid of all the bed bugs in the building, they could move back in. The owners have yet to decide to pay for the whole building to be exterminated, even though attorneys tell FOX40 by law they are required to do so.

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