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Student Accuses Campus Security Guard of Assault

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A 13-year-old student with mild cerebral palsy says a campus security guard at assaulted her on campus.

Elexus Harris attends Martin Luther King, Jr. Technology Academy, where it’s against the rules for students to have their cell phones out. Harris admits to breaking that rule, but thinks her punishment didn’t fit the crime.

“My daughter has mild cerebral palsy. She had a stroke at birth and she has seizures,” said Harris’ mother, Coleen Lee. “For her to have to go through this, and then she had to be rushed to the hospital.”

Harris says a campus security guard attacked her for having her cell phone out.

“The officer got mad because he saw me out with my phone, and he said, ‘give me your effing phone,” Harris told FOX40.

Harris says she complied, but the guard attacked her after she threatened to go to the principal.

“He said, ‘no the eff you’re not,’” said Harris. “He slammed me on the desk, hit my head, then he slammed me on another desk.”

She says the guard also hit her head against the wall.

“At this point, the employee is not working around kids,” said Tom Janis, assistant superintendent at the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

The district is taking the allegation seriously and an investigation is underway.

“I believe he should have been arrested,” said Lee. “He assaulted my daughter.”

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