Inmate’s Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The coroner’s report on an inmate’s in-custody death in January has revealed his cause of death.

Mark Anthony Scott died of Mallory-Weiss Syndrome. The illness, typically brought on by alcoholism or an eating disorder, tears the esophagus where it meets the stomach.

If left untreated, Mallory-Weiss syndrome can be fatal.

The inmate in the cell adjacent to Scott’s accuses the jail of ignoring his calls for help.

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  • unclecato

    Gee, and we are sorry the Air Conditioner is broke down. Sympathy for a slime ball? People die, sorry. By viewing this guys on line arrest/conviction record, it looks like mother nature culled another weak link from the gene pool

  • a realist

    wait till the cold hands of death tap you on your shoulder unclecato. I wonder if you'll still be so insensitive. Many people have wrap sheets but by grace some just haven't been caught. Yeah he had a record but that's why he was doing time. I wonder how many skeletons you have in your closet? Trust when you finally draw your last breath you will be reminded of your wrong doings also. Just remember this comment you made and I hope someone will have mercy on you verbally when your time comes. Remember you reep what you sow no matter how small. Be mindful he's at rest you haven't fininshed your test yet!

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