Stockton Parents Have Questions After Gun Goes Off In Classroom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


School officials with the Stockton Unified School District and Martin Van Buren School said told a meeting of parents that they are reviewing school safety measures and adding a security person on campus.

On Monday, a 7th grade boy brought a handgun to a math class and passed it on to another student who accidentally fired it.

No one was injured after the bullet lodged in some soft flooring, but parents and students were shaken.  Seventh grader Myliah Springs was nearly hit by the bullet.  She said she was a little scared to go back to the math class where the incident happened and said she wanted more security.

“They should have more backpack checks so that kids aren’t able to bring weapons to class,” said Springs.

Several students who knew the boy who mishandled the gun said he was a good student. Christian Alcazar was in the class when the gun went off.  He said the boy was surprised that the gun went off like he didn’t know it was loaded.

“His face turned red, hecka red,” said Alcazar.

Eugene Gaines sympathized with the boy.

“He’s a good guy.  He should be back in school, he just made a big mistake,” said Gaines.

Some felt the parents of the boy who brought the gun to school made the mistake.  Racquel Robeson, who has two children at the school, said she was extremely concerned.

“The burning question is how did he get the gun and how did he get it into the school without anybody knowing about it,” said Robeson.

She said the parents should be  held accountable because they didn’t know what their kids were up to. Police and students say he may have brought the gun to school to sell.

“Something should be done.  If the parent doesn’t care what their child is doing, maybe they shouldn’t have custody of that child,” said Robeson.

But Myliah’s grandmother Donna Jornda who also has a daughter that goes to Van Buren said  that people shouldn’t be too quick to blame the parents.

“I’m a parent. Kids do a lot of things behind a parent’s back, and these days a lot of kids are doing things behind or backs, so we can’t judge it and say it’s the parents’ fault, we can’t,” said Jordan.

Several dozen parents and their kids packed the cafeteria for the meeting with school officials and applauded when told of the on-going safety measures that they will implement including a review of measures designed to make the campus and community safer.

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