Brawl Between Coaches & Parents Caught on Tape

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


On a sunny fall football day on the field of Grant High School in Sacramento, the grownups acted like punky kids and it was all caught on tape.

Following games on Saturday, October 6th between the Grant Chargers Junior Midgets, a youth football team and the out of town San Francisco Junior 49ers, coaches and parents got into an on-field brawl.

Parent Octavia Thomas captured the fight on her cellphone and posted it to YouTube. She’s disappointed in the poor example the adults set for the kids. “Then something like this happens, it kinda gives them the wrong idea of what you’re supposed to do in a situation like that,” Thomas told FOX40. Other parents tried break up the fight. “Everybody was yelling, these are kids, there’s kids here, not for the kids, not in front of the kids, it just went in one ear and out the other it seems like.”

The rest of the games were stopped for the day, but the fight was just enough to ruin a fun day for the tiny tikes in pads.

“We’re not in the best neighborhood, we don’t have, a lot of the kids I’m sure don’t have all their parents in their lives and they’re looking at these coaches to be their role models and examples,” said Thomas.

FOX40 tried to get in touch with the San Francisco Junior 49ers organization to get their side of the story, but the phone number listed on their website is disconnected.

It doesn’t look like any charges will be filed in the brawl.

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  • guest

    Goes to show the quality of life they have.. and the type of educational discipline they have. Ban the teams.. Both sides for the season and have them clean the streets in the neighborhoods they live in every gameday till the end of the season!

  • bubba

    That makes no sense. The kids didn't do anything wrong. Ban the parents and fire the couches would be the right move.

  • GC team mom

    Its not the Grant Chargers Coaches to be talking down on..As you can see in the film this was tape when one of the team game was already over and the kids and coaches of the Grant Chargers were leaving the field. Then coaches from the niners just came out from their side of the field charging at our team and coaches. I am sure this kind of incident just don't happen in our neighborhood, its everywhere…I've seen this even at NFL games…

  • too old for this

    Why were no charges filed? If this fight had happened at a school charges would surely have been filed. There is video evidence and plenty of witnesses. The guys were fighting in the middle of a bunch of kids. Do the police just not care since it happened in the wrong neighborhood?

  • Richard Hanson

    Someone has to be willing to press charges. The news report did not say whether police were called. Let's hope the league will take action to get rid of the ones who started it.

  • no one

    omg this is a bad situation. but its only what we see and don't know the whole thing. As i know their was a lot of trash talking and poor sports men ship with the losing team. we grown and hope that its done and over charges are for suckers and its over what is a charge gonna do. their are people killing people out here with guns and so i see no harm to a fight .Which adults can act about and deal with it. sorry for the kids that had to witness this though.

  • no one

    the coaches are not getting paid to do this duh its volunteer. so they came this far doing great and this dum incident was a dum one.