“FOXy Ladies” Running in Nike Women’s Marathon

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It’s a journey few people can understand because so few have walked in our shoes, literally; here at FOX40, we call our unique running group the FOXy Ladies.

We’re heading to San Francisco this weekend in pursuit of our personal goals and to help find a cure for cancer.

“It’s such a long distance you can’t even fathom it. You just have to take it week-by-week and it’s like ‘I can do this,’” said FOX40’s Executive Producer of Digital Content Sam Cohen.

FOX40 reporter Sabrina Rodriguez, Executive Producer Laura Evans, Sam and I have been training mentally and physically.

“We’re family at FOX40,” said Sabrina. “So it was natural that we banded together for this goal of running 26.2 miles.”

We’re running the world’s largest marathon: the Nike Women’s Marathon.

“It really is one foot in front of the other as cliché as that sounds. And we will be there at the finish line waiting for each other,” Sabrina said.

We’ll join 25,000 women to battle the city’s hills and battle cancer.

“I know everyone’s going to be supporting each other,” said Laura. “It’s going to be fun. I’ve got three other girls with FOX40. That’s why this one. I have support and I’ll have it there.”

And that’s what makes the Nike Women’s Marathon so unique.

Sam admits, “I’m sure people laugh at me on the trail because I’ve got Ziplock bags of food. I look like I’m out camping eating snacks as I run,” Sam admits. “But it keeps you going so you eat what you need to eat.”

It’s that journey that creates a bond.

“I’ve done my normal backpacking,” said Laura. “I’ve done a lot of running. I get up at 4:30 a.m. because it’s been hot so i get up really early and run for five hours.”

In its nine years, Nike has raised $120 million for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

The marathon is this Sunday, Oct. 14 in San Francisco.

Follow me on Twitter to get updates and pictures from the course.

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  • Bradley T Guthrie

    I would like to participate. Hopefully meet a nice lady. I do not know about it nor where to go online to find out. Can someone tell me.