National Committees Spending Big Bucks On Sacramento Area Campaigns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Feeling like your TV is giving you a lot of static lately?

Here are some typical reactions we got to the onslaught of campaign ads this political season:

“Yes… yes… I end-up turning them off. Don`t want to watch them There`s too many of them.”

“It`s all just smear. I mean, ‘he said this, or he did that.’ Even on the internet.”

“The ads are actually more likely to keep me from voting.”

Both Republicans and Democrats see California as key to control of Congress. And we sit right at the crossroads of 4 Congressional districts. But we had to call Washington to figure-out what’s going on with all the ads.

“California is really a critical State this year,” said Daniel Scarpinato with the National Republican Congressional Committee.

And his counterpart agrees about the importance of California.

“It`s absolutely a battleground State,” said Jesse Ferguson with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

that’s probably the last time you’ll ever hear them agreeing. They run the national arm of each party’s Congressional election effort.

The Republicans say they plan to pump about 5 million dollars into campaign advertising in our area this election season. The Democrats say they’ll drop about 6 million. And in the interest of full disclosure, they are spending some of that money at Fox40.

So Look. Not to sound ungrateful, but do the ads have to be so… negative?

“We think contrast ads and getting the message out about where people are on the issues is critical,” Scarpinato said.

‘Contrast ads’… that’s the euphemism.

“That’s not negative campaigning, that’s not positive campaigning, that’s accountability and it`s facts,” said Ferguson.

Wow. Did we just catch the agreeing, again?

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