Tech Report – Get a Grip on Your Gadgets

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Cell phones and tablets have become an everyday part of life. The problem is that these expensive gadgets are just waiting to slip out of our hands and onto the ground.

It is the biggest fear of gadget owners-dropping their gadget and breaking it.

“There are some protective cases out there right now but for the most part they’re meant to be outside,” said Rich Williams, of accesories maker Ten-97.

Many of our favorite gadgets are made out of glass and metal making them vulnerable to drops, but there are ways we can help prevent damage when they do drop.

Williams explained how there are currently, plastic protective cases out in the market that are meant to be with you outside rather than living at home.

If you are getting a cheap case, the most protection you can expect is maybe some scratch protection, but nothing to help you much when you drop your iPad for example.

But, there’s a fix.

The Ten-97 is an iPad case that can be dropped from six feet. It is the only case made of leather that is “life-proof.” Something different from the plastic cases that can live with you at home and in the office.

The case looks like a regular iPad portfolio but it is reinforced.

“We have four leather layers of different styles of protection in here on both sides to be able to make sure your iPad is protected at all times,” said Williams.

Mike Schwarz invented the HandeBand, another accessory with the same idea.

“It’s a finger grip that allows you to not have to worry about holding your device when you’re using it,” said Schwarz.

You can surf the web, handle your emails and texts without the worry of physically holding your phone.

The HandeBand allows you to use your phone vertically and horizontally as a camera. The fly grip uses a spring loaded clip that doubles as a kickstand.

The biggest downside to grips like these are that they add a lot of bulk to your gadgets. So if you do not like that, be sure to find one that is easily removable.

For more information on how to get a grip or other tech stories, visit RichOnTech.TV.

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