Folsom Lake Crossing Design Questioned After Fatal Head On Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Several comments on FOX40’s website questioned the design of the Folsom Lake Crossing, where two people died after colliding head-on.

Commenter Lynn wrote that “the camber is horrible,” referring to the tilt of the road as it makes a downhill left to right curve. And commenter Tucker wrote that the turn “was always a problem from day one.”

Police say a BMW SUV was headed eastbound when it crossed the double yellow line and hit a Honda driven by 28 year old Steven Schwartz. Both drivers were killed, but of the identity of the BMW driver has not been released.

An examination of the camber where the accident occurred shows that the tilt in the road, which allows water to drain off, is slightly in the direction of the turn, helping cars around much like race cars on a slanted NASCAR track. At worst it flattens out.

A reverse camber acts to destabilize a car. But reverse cambers are built into other streets so that water can drain properly. If taken at the right speed they are not inherently unsafe.

Police say the BMW was traveling at a speed well above the 45 miles an hour speed limit. The investigation will also determine if alcohol or drugs was a factor.

As for the turn being a problem, Folsom Police Sgt. Jason Browning says the crossing was finished in 2009 under strict federal guidelines. It has also been monitored closely after it was finished.

“The number of collisions we’ve had have been relatively few and the number of major collisions we’ve had has been next to none,” said Browning.

An average of 20,000 cars a day use the crossing, which connects the city of Folsom on either side of Folsom Dam.

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  • Rmulligan

    Perhpaps this will help answer some questions. Steven Schwartz, my nephew, was a graduate of Sacramento State, worked at Christo Del Rey High School in South Sacramento, then went to work for Intel. He leave behind Alyssa and baby Steven. He was the designated driver that night driving a Honda. The driver of the BMW is still not identified. Steven was in the slow lane crossing the bridge when the BMW crossed over into his lane. Thank you to all for your prayers. To the family members of the other driver my prayers are with you as well.

  • Blake Stigerts

    I was the one that called 911 and witnessed this event take place.

    If financially possible and with the approval of the town I notion the road have a center dividing barrier installed.

  • RMulligan

    I support a barrier. I hate to see any person or family have to live through this nightmare. Thanks again Blake for getting involved! Rosemary

  • Bob Moore

    All of us at Intel who worked with Steve miss him dearly, and just waiting to hear of there is anything we can do for the family? Our prayers are with all involved in this tradgedy!


  • BPS

    I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of the entire Schwartz family. The driver of the BMW was my step-brother and I don't have any answers as to why this happened. I can only tell you that he was a good family man and will also be missed. I appreciate the noble and giving acts of Steven on that tragic night which showed the kind of person he was. Such a tragedy for all. My step brother was not mean spirited and, as with Steven, will be sorely missed by his family. If only we could turn back the clock. I hope you find peace and a way to get through the pain.

  • sourdough

    I drive this road daily, and think that the curve is safe at the speed limit. A dividing barrier may be warranted because some people can't seem to obey the basic speed law. I'm curious to see what the murdering driver's BAC or tox-screen comes back with, it's eerily similar to the innocent brothers that were killed on Folsom-Auburn last year by an idiot murdering SUV driver high on nitrous oxide.

  • Walt George

    My prayers and condolences for both families. The unnecessary loss of life is beyond comprehension. I drive the Crossing daily, and the road is not unsafe. The speed is the killer. I moved back to California three years ago, and am amazed and disgusted with the tolerance of speeding. And that is after living years in Italy, and from someone who enjoys performance automobiles, but in the right environment. If you drive 55, let alone the legal speed limit, on the Crossing you will have a line of vehicles on your bumper. 50 mph speed limit on streets and roads such as Folsom-Auburn and Green Valley? That is inviting disaster. Grow up California. Speed limits down, speed limits enforced, drivers live.

  • Tom

    To Rmulligan –

    My condolences for your nephew, his wife, son and enitre family.

    I just wanted to let you know Steve has made a change in my life. I didn't have the opportunity to work with him at Intel. Nor have I had the opportunity to meet and know him. Some I work with said they had seen him on occation in our cafe.

    We have an internal webiste that posts up coming internal events, inside news and memoriams. I've printed Steve's memoriam and have it posted up in my office as a reminder. I have a wife and 4yo son at home. Since hearing the news about the accident, I've started to look at life differently. I drive an old car that doesn't go fast at all and I grandpa it all the time. But I posted Steve's memoriam to remind me how fast life can change at the hands of others. Anytime I get upset over some issue, home or work, I want to look at the memorium and be reminded of what is really important. I regret hearing Steve died doing a good deed to make sure others were safe. I feel he has done same for me. I wish I could thank him for that.

  • Rmulligan

    Tom, you have Thanked Steve. I firmly believe he is looking down on us and realizes how fully he touched and changed so many lives. The services were wonderful over the weekend. Many friends from personnal friends, Intel friends, family, family friends, Christo Rey students and friends were all there. The services were packed. It brought a warm smile to my heart knowing how much he was loved. Steve will remain in our hearts and minds until we meet him upstairs. With love and prayers for you and your family. Enjoy life Tom, it is short. Thank you for writing.

  • Yvonne

    Thank you so much for your post. Steven was my son. I know you are grieving as we are and certainly this was very sad. Someone posted that the BMW did not have lights on and my husband saw no skid marks from the BMW. Whatever the cause, this is very sad. My son leaves a beautiful son and wife, a brother and sister and a large extended family. We can not turn back time. Peace to you also.

  • Brooke Elinton

    I'm very sorry that Mr Schwartz had to suffer at the hands of your brother in law. I knew your brother in law. He lived his life in a fiery crash. Don't make him out to be the great family man. He was a rotten person who had no regard for life. He may have loved his children but he was far from the model person. My heart breaks for his family but not for him. It was only a matter of time before he crashed and burned. Too bad he had to murder someone on his way down.

  • Brooke Elinton

    Please delete all of my comments. It was an impulsive reaction to this tragic event and my heart breaks for the victims families. I will not post any additional comments. thank you

  • augomez

    I'm very sorry for your loss and the loss of the BMW driver's family. My nephew was killed in a car accident 5 years ago and it really is a tragedy to lose somebody with so much life left to live. To those posting comments, please remember that two people lost their lives and there are grieving family members who are probably reading the news online in an attempt to get information and understand what happened. My nephew wasn't at fault in his fatal accident but it upset me to read the hateful things that people posted about the elderly man who caused his accident. The BMW driver isn't here to receive your vengeful comments and his family shouldn't have to endure them on his behalf. Please have respect for those who are grieving regardless of who was at fault.

  • Elmo

    Folsom PD writes a LOT of tickets on FLC. At some point people will learn to travel the speed limit here.

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