Woman Suspected of Stealing Baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Stockton Police say a woman took off with her infant daughter that she does not have legal custody of Monday morning during an unsupervised visit.

“She is a drug addict. She might snap. I don’t trust her,” said Linda Holloway.

One month old Tierra Vaughn was in the Child Protective Services office on S. San Joaquin St when Police say Shantesha Fluker took her daughter during an unsupervised visit.

“She had told us last week she had plans to steal that baby,” said Holloway.

Plans so well thought out that family say she had a vehicle waiting for her outside. The family’s biggest concern is where Fluker would take the child.

They say she has no place to live and often stays in a garage or abandoned homes. They also say Fluker has a history of being violent.

While CPS won’t say how Fluker left. They did say it is not their policy to stop parents from taking their kids because it puts the child in danger.

“There was a guard sitting right there,” said Holloway

Holloway is already caring for 2 of Flukers 4 children. She would like someone in the family to take custody of baby Tierra.

Just before 10 p.m., Stockton PD announced that Fluker had been located and arrested, with the baby found unharmed.


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  • nina

    There must have been a reason she didn’t have custody. Praying the little girl will be OK. Hoping the mother realizes she might not be the best thing for her daughter right at this time. She ” in the picture ” looks to have a substance abuse problem

  • venus

    I was her landlord in July of this year and she kept breaking into the apartment after she moved out and we returned her deposit. after numerous police calls and the police telling her to leave we had to board up the place to keep her out of the apartment. She was in college and living in a halfway house. Though t she had turned her life around. She had served a prison term. no more parolees as tenants. They think they are above the law.

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