Homeless Dog Shot, Hit by a Car; Lives

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Lady has had quite the life. Veterinarian Karen Johnson believes she’s 10-years-old. So far, her years on this earth haven’t all been pleasant.

“She ran into the middle of the street, my instinct was to run after her,” says Kristell Stout who’s been feeding Lady for three years.

During that time, Lady has called the streets of Roseville her home. Kristell says she will never forget the first day they met.

“From day one, I fell in love with her and tried my hardest to lookout for her.”

Kristell has been feeding lady five days a week, recently laid off she didn’t want to leave Lady behind.

Stout called Gary Sawyer a local animal rescuer to help catch the dog.

“I called to tell them I was on the way and they told me the dog was hit by a car, we went on a search for it,” says Sawyer.

Once captured Lady was brought to the Johnson Ranch Veterinary Clinic. They performed x-rays and discovered she has been shot with a BB Gun several times.

So far Lady’s care is more than $2,000. Kristell Stout says, “I want her to be able to walk away from this with a leg or without a leg.”

If you can help, visit http://www.johnsonranchvetclinic.com/ for more information.

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  • T

    You can call clinic 916 774 6630 for more information. Phones manned M thru F 8 am to 6pm sat 8 to 4. Feel free to leave message and you will be called back. Thanks to all who have donated. Lady is a darling dog with a lovely spirit and is quite the trooper;-)

  • meme

    That is just mean who in the hell would shot a dog with a bb gunn .An thoes people should get treated the same way .when they get caught

  • lisa

    i also work close by and have been giving her what i could for almost 3 years now too. she is a very sweet dog and deserves the help and a nice loving home!

  • john

    Sorry about your dog got shot and hit by the car but God bless your dog alive and I would like to support to pay for your dog's vet for your bills and I need to Vet's address and poilcy number for your dog's vet it really worth is your dog alive and injury but what's kind of shame on BB GUN to dog and she got scared and run away then got hit by the car. I need to pray for your dog get heal. I feel angry at people try kill to dog with their own BB Gun. But…. I need phone number from Vets then I will help you and I would like to pay small by time by time. Because we love dogs and cat forever..

  • Dana

    I believe Lady is going to live out the test of her

    Life with Kristell, the young lady in the story. They

    aired an update last evening. She will be so

    loved as she has been by Kristell for the past 3

    years. I’m curious to know if she has received

    enough in donations to offset the vet bills-does

    anyone know?

    Wishing you a VERY happy life together, Kristell

    and Lady! You both have touched my heart



    I will be praying for Lady and that her bills are paid. Lady should not have been shot, therefore, causing her to be hit. God heals and answers prayer. LOL to Lady.

  • Vera

    I hope to donate tomorow when office is open, and hope that Lady find a nice caring forever home. Kristell, if you reading this…….if you would get Lady with you, I will pay for Lady's food and toys, provide bed and dishes, and food for a year. I will leave my personal info with vet tomorow and you can contact me directly. Bless your heart for caring!

  • Becky

    Instead of praying, you should donate… money is more tangible than your useless prayers. Also, LOL means 'laughing out loud', so you should probably rethink that phrase…

  • Anonymous

    I work at the clinic and it has been amazing the number of people wanting to help but your contribution is one of a kind! Lady is blessed!

  • Jennifer

    I don't feel prayers are useless…but along with prayer…as Jesus did..he FED the hungry…so donations are encouraged I would think along WITH the prayers

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