Stockton Police Deal with 2 Homicides Saturday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The scene at a McDonald’s parking lot after a deadly shooting Saturday.


A 38-year-old man is dead after a shooting at a McDonald’s parking lot along North Wilson Way early Saturday afternoon, police say.

Police responded to the scene around 12:25 p.m., with there being reports of at least one shot fired.

Once at the scene, they found one injured man and transported him to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

A BMW believed to have been used by the suspect was found a few blocks away. Police say they aren’t ruling out the shooting as gang related.

Sunday, police said they were investigating another homicide that happened Saturday, this one at a park near Mist Trail and Paintbrush drives.

Police said the homicide happened around 10:49 p.m. Two 27-year-olds, a man and a woman, were shot while they were sitting in a car. Both were transported to the UC Davis Med Center, but the woman died of her injuries Sunday morning.

The man was said to be in stable condition. No motive for the shooting is known at this point, with the suspect or suspects still outstanding.

With these two, there have 53 homicides to-date in Stockton this year.

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  • Elliott

    Yes, there are shootings and dead bodies adding up in Stockton. Quit announcing the death count like it’s a home run derby!

  • Jp

    Okay so everyone I was there. In the drivethru of mcdonalds wen this happened. I heard multiple shots and some man went up to a few car and told people to leave or they would be there for hours. So we backed out onto the street and we drove by. I saw him laying there and he was lifeless and in a pool of blood. Nobody should joke about this. Im 12 years old and i will never forget it.

  • lilmissD

    R.i.p dee. We will never forget you . You will forever be in my heart! You were my guardian angel on earth and I kno your watching me from above now. I'll be sure to watch over your wife and kids. __

  • I CARE!

    I agree with the comment above, the media since earlier this year has been announcing the count as if its to be placed in a sports record book. I live in this town and in my opinion to consistently reveal the count as they do, tells a corrupted mind that they are powerful. Its been my thought all year. Keep it up and those corrupted souls will feel there are no rules. The attention gives their ego power, instead why doesn't the media tell the corrupted soul that the "people" will retaliate with same force, when the media "revealed" the actual man power of the PD Dept. it gave the green light to those corrupted souls…
    my condolences to the innocent family members who have nothing to do with these crimes.

  • Bobby

    I was also in that parking lot and was told by a man on his bicycle that a man had been shot. Im only 17, it was eye opening

  • aaliyah potter

    we miss u uncle dee will never forgett u we wont be sad we will be happy tht ur in a better place,we’ll see u at the cross road love luana nd young duna nd da fam

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