Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

Clean Technology Thriving in Sacramento

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Electric cars like the Chevy Volt were featured at the sixth annual CleanStart Showcase.

Electric cars, LED lights, alternative fuel sources are just some of the clean technology featured at the sixth annual CleanStart Showcase which was held at the Sac State campus Monday.

The group SARTA or Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance organized the event. SARTA CEO, Meg Arnold, explained was clean tech is, “Technologies and products that can help minimize the impact that we all make on the climate and earth.”

SARTA supports clean businesses and products; some, like thermostats or solar panels are familiar, but there are innovative items like a solar barbecue, a low cost septic system, and a special process that turns food waste into natural gas.

“Clean technology is one way we can proactively manage the footprint that we have on this planet,” said Arnold.

Along with featuring clean technology, the best part is that every company at the showcase is from the Sacramento area.

“We’ve got about a hundred clean tech companies in the Sacramento region,” said Arnold.

Those companies do more than just help the environment. “Innovation based companies are a huge driver of economic growth,” explained Arnold, “One thing this region needs is a resurgence of jobs.”

The 2012 Clean Tech Innovator of the Year Award was presented to Michael Kuhlmann, CEO of Rancho Cordova-based RCS Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of energy management and control products for residential, small commercial and hospitality markets.  More than 500,000 intelligent thermostat products from General Electric, Trane, Motorola, IBM and Lutron incorporating RCS devices have so far been sold globally.

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  • Matthew Monsoor

    But at Sac State you didn’t have the all electric Toyota RAV 4 which Folsom Lake Toyota has in their inventory!!!