Stockton Breaks Homicide Record in “Bizarre” Shooting Spree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A bizarre shooting spree has broken records in Stockton, making this the most violent year in that city’s history.

Police had been looking for a silver mini-van after witnesses saw it speeding away from a home on Regent Street where a 64-year-old woman was shot to death. Fifteen minutes later, they found it.

It was parked outside the Oak Creek Assisted Center at the O’Connor Woods retirement complex. In the back of that mini-van was the body of another woman, a 57-year-old, who’d been shot to death.

“In my 16 years career as a police officer, this is something I’ve never encountered,” said Officer Joe Silva, with the Stockton Police department. “Something bizarre and heinous.”

Inside the apartment where the mini-van was parked, police found two more people. A 45-year-old man and an 88-year-old woman. Both of them were suffering from gunshot wounds. The man died on scene, the woman was rushed to the hospital where she later died as well.

Stockton Police say they’ve recovered the gun they believe was used in the shooting. They found it along with the body of the dead man.

Police believe now that 45-year-old man was the shooter, eventually turning the gun on himself,

With this bizarre senior citizen shooting spree, the City of Stockton has seen its most violent year ever – Stockton police tonight are investigating their 56th, 57th, 58th, and 59th homicides.

“I want people to remember that behind every one of those numbers is a person, and a grieving family,” Silva said.

Stockton’s previous homicide record was 56.

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  • Citizen

    The crime rate in Stockton is due AB-109 realignment of prisoners. There releasing 2nd striker violent criminals to probation instead of State Parole. They do this if there last offense that sent them to prison was non-violent. Probation cannot track these career criminals like State Parole. Repeal AB-109. Our Govenor should be held responsible for all the innocent victims of AB-109.

  • nina

    The laws need to be changed they are being set for the governmens ease for cutting down on costs even though our Taxes are supposed to be for protecting Us ” We the People ” it’s all about their salaries to support their extravagant lifestyles five cars three home’s $5000.00 suit’s and screw those who actually pay their wages kick back’s bribes “””” campaign contributions to them it’s all about them time to send a message people everywhere should withhold their taxes putting them in special bank accounts until these people start serving Us again instead to serving their own best intrests. Let criminals out early knowing quite well they will just go right back and commit more even more heinous crimes. In a city close to me a male was let out early a sexual predator the very day he was released he attacked a 15 year old girl on the bus. Another male hadn’t been out two days he broke in to a 80 year old. Woman raped her beat her and murdered her. The government needs to stop worrying about their paychecks and do their jobs


    i think everyone should start putting the home survalance cameras pointing to the streets. and make sure u put some low enough so it can see in the car windows anf the faces.. because the top of the car or the persons head, does no good.
    the biggest problem rite now is we cant identify the shooters EVER>>> SO THEY CAN DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN… CAUSE EVERYONE IS SCARED..
    i heard a girl on the news yesterday say they scared to go out side after dark, but it happening in daylight also.!! and we all know when we are inside our houses, waching tv, we pay NO attention to the cars stalking the neighbors, or racing down the road after the deed has been done. By the time we get up and outside find the kid in street dead IT IS TO LATE> and the really sad thing is, they probally shot a child, and nothing happen to the real target, SO THEY WILL MOST LIKELY BE BACK ..AND YOUR OTHER CHILD MIGHT BE KILLED ON ACCIDENT OF COURSE. INOCENT BYSTANDADR???? START FINDING OUT WHO THEY ARE, HELP THE POLICE AND YOUR SELVES. I WILL DO MY PART!

  • leah

    i llilivlivelived iin sststostocktstockton all my life. im so shocks of all the killns out there my son was murder d on don Ave. and i jus cant live there no more its not save.

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