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Voice Control for Your TV

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In a world of 500-plus channels, sometimes it can be tough to find what you want to watch – even when you know it’s on. New technology including voice activated search apps are making it easier to just say what you want to watch.

It’s kind of like Siri, but for your TV.

“We’re big TV people,” said Noelle Bellow, a former producer for the Tech Report.

She just moved into a new apartment with her roommate Alex Duffy. Since Noelle produced stories on U-verse in the past, she knew they had exactly what she wanted in a cutting edge television service.

Immediately, the roommates began playing with the Easy Remote app. It lets you search for shows and channels with voice commands.

“When I can speak into my phone and do things with my TV, it’s just…really neat,” said Duffy.

With it’s large, and easy to read buttons, the app turns your iPhone into a remote control and makes it that much easier to watch TV.

Another feature the roommates are loving – the U-verse wireless receiver. It lets you move the box and your favorite TV shows anywhere in the house.

“The wireless box has been a huge success for AT&T and it’s something viewers can’t get anywhere else,” said Todd Merris, a manager with U-verse.

Cutting edge technology for the best entertainment in the house.

For more information:

U-verse Easy Remote

U-verse Wireless Reciever

By Rich DeMuro; Promotional Consideration Provided by AT&T

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