Candidate’s Mom Criticized For Campaigning At Work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Ricky Gill would be the youngest congressman ever if he won his campaign against Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney.

At 25, he’s far from being a Baby – but apparently not so far removed from being his mother’s baby boy.

Dr. Parampal Gill is described by Lodi Memorial Hospital where she works as a long-standing physician, much loved by patients. Still, Dr. Gill got a talking-to from hospital CEO Joe Harrington after a staff member anonymously complained that Gill had been campaigning for her son while performing her doctor duties.

A hospital spokeswoman stressed that no patients complained about the campaigning but that it was “not in line with the code of ethics” for the hospital.

Gill’s campaign was unhappy with the idea of us even presenting this story, saying “It is outrageous to anonymously smear a candidate’s mother five days before an election.”

In response to the notion that the anonymous hospital staffer was in some way working for the McNerney campaign, spokeswoman for that campaign Lauren Smith called the notion “utterly absurd.”

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  • Valley Strong

    Why has McNerney resorted to attacking Ricky Gill's family? Maybe it's because he has an indefensible, tragic record of serving himself before the Valley (Solyndra, pocketing taxpayer money for gas, selling us out on the Delta tunnels). I also just heard that McNerney wrote a book where he called rape an evolutionary necessity. Disgusting — this Galt resident will be voting for Gill.

  • Joe

    Jerry McNerny's campaign has crossed just about every ethical boundary there is…lying to voters about where he lives, lying about his opponent. why not also attack his opponent's family?

    this is why people are sick of corrupt politicians like McNerny, they'll say anything no matter how negative to get elected

  • STown

    Note: This is from the hospital and a colleage of Doc Gill's. Not from the campaign.

    Guess all that money doesn't buy immunity from news outlets… or a congressional seat.

  • Joel Garcia

    Seriously? I know Dr. Gill. She is my wife's doctor and delivered both of our kids. She is a kind, thoughtful person and a wonderful physician. This smacks of desperation.

  • Jeffrey Scott

    When I go to the doctor I don’t want to hear from dudes mom about his campaign unless he is there so I can ask him questions

  • Guest

    Notice that all of the attacks on Ricky Gill is because he is young or something that someone he was related to did? That's because that's all they can say bad about him.


  • babyboy!!

    He is NOT SUIT for the job, the only experience he has is been corrupted as his parents are, so many millions, where they came from? please be real!

  • DRH

    I am a doctor. I talk to my patients about their lives, my life, life in general. If a patient asked about my plans for the night I might tell them I'm going out to dinner. If I mention that my favorite resaurant is Shula's does that mean I'm advertising for Shula's? Someone who is probably anti-beurocracy complained and brought in some beurocrats to settle her beef with the candidate's Mom. Mom's talk about their kids with pride…or at least they should be able to.

  • DRH

    Its amazing that all the comments on here immediately insinuate the candidate's "corruption"…but he hasn't done anything yet because he is too young. Which is it? Are you saying he is unfit because he grew up in a wealthy environment or because he is too young? Pick an argument and stick with it. And I'm still confused how driving nice cars give someone a bad rap.

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