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Will the Youth Vote Return for Obama in 2012?

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In 2008, President Barack Obama claimed 66 percent of the youth vote and many are wondering if it will happen again in 2012.

As Election Day looms, the excitement among young voters has faded since 2008 and it’s much more difficult to get them to the polls.

“Seventy percent said they were really invested and following the race four years ago, just fifty percent now. Now that could tick up between now and Election Day. That may mean voter turnout for younger folks less than in 2008,” FOX40 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich said.

Sac State student Andre Ramos sees apathy from young voters.

“Most of the time they’re right,” Ramos said. “The system is messed up to a large degree, but it’s because people don’t get involved, because they don’t vote, because they don’t hold their elected officials accountable.”

So what’s the big secret to getting young people to vote? Some say it’s still going door to door.

“Nothing quite works like personal interaction,” said Sacramento Young Republican Adam Ellison. “Nothing quite works like an extended hand and a partnership and understanding that you’re volunteering your time for something you truly believe in.”

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