Sacramento Pastor Reverses Stance on President

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Can we expect black people will vote for a black president? In 2008, President Obama won more than 90% of the black vote.

But a Sacramento pastor and leader of the largest multi-racial congregation in the state says while he’s proud of Mr. Obama, the president won’t get his vote.

Dr. Phillip Goudeaux leads Calvary Christian Center’s 20,000 worshippers.

“I accepted Christ in my life. My relationship with Him means more to me the Democratic party, Independent, Republican, black or white,” Goudeaux told FOX40.

Goudeaux has pastored here for  three decades but it’s his more recent political stance that’s upset some in the black community.

His vote Tuesday won’t go America’s first black president.

“I’m going to support people who support life, marriage between man and woman, smaller government, who supports Israel,” he said.

Goudeaux feels so strongly, he’s traveled the nation to promote traditional marriage.

His outspoken views have not only drawn criticism but even death threats.

“Why don’t i have a right to speak my values without being hated on?” says Goudeaux.

Others in the black community like longtime friend and Pastor Sherwood Carthen have come to his defense.

“We’re diverse”, said Carthen. “We have thoughts of our own. And we don’t have the idea that you can put us in one box. One size does not fit all.”

Goudeaux’s views aren’t unique.

National polls show support for gay marriage among black people remains under 50 percent, indicating the community isn’t as homogenous as many think.

“They’re getting it all mixed up. I’m voting for values, my commitment to the kingdom of God,” said Goudeaux.

Experts say they expect similar voter turnout numbers from the black community this year.

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  • rocketman916

    Where did he say he voted for Obama in the previous election? He didn't in this interview. So how did he reverse his stance?

  • edwin schaefer

    God bless you pastor it is so sad when people vote for race and not christian values but also say they are christian.One day we will all stand before Christ and we will have some explaining to do

  • Amy Salmon

    I understand about going with the candidate with Christian values — that is why I am going with President Obama, who is a professing Christian. Romney is professing Mormon. Big difference to this Republican.

  • Guitta Dabe

    Amy, "you will know them by their fruit". President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other Catholics can profess all they want, but they sure are not acting as Christians. President Obama goes on and attacks the Catholic Church unnecessarily by forcing them to FUND pills that cause abortion. President Obama has also gone way beyond what reasonable pro-choice people have done: as an Illinois Senator, he voted against a law that protects children AFTER they are born, if the abortion didn't "work". This is a clear case of infanticide! If that's your idea of Christianity, you need to look deep in the mirror.

  • Modalitas

    With Romney I'm confused about his pro-life stance. It seems it's more pro-conception because after the child is born he really wants to absolve himself of any responsibility. I can't see Jesus being more concerned about an elevator in his garage, the size of his financial holdings or that the wealthy need more money and materail things then supporting and fostering the growth of children. As I understand Jesus' teachings, he wouldn't approve of lying, exaggeratng, demeaning, liabling…I could go on, just to get elected. I don't think Jesus would approve spending hundreds of millions of dollars for ads, mailers, attack ads, attack mailers…I could go on, just to get elected when those resources could help so many less fortunate. And I can't see him loving another less because of his or her race, nationality or sexual preference. I can't see Jesus uttering demeaning attacks at anyone or anything. And based on his teachings he wants us to be good stewards of our world and everything in it. Some of you may want to reconsider what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus.

  • Congress BS

    personaly to say what he was to gain votes is what polictal people do! but just cause he said it don't mean much unless he in some way dose it with out the vote of the congress and at that point that would be right but i don't think thats going to be any trouble to say anything to gain votes

  • Troy

    If you go by the bible then marriage is between a man and a woman . If I go by the bible I’m also not supposed to bang my neighbors wife .. Like I’ll give that up !


    Obama ain’t gettin none of my vote this year ya heard I expected a full welfare check an they said no. Excuse my spelling but my spell check corrects everything!!!!!!

  • frank

    Sir, it is apparent that you are not a follower of Jesus Christ by your attitude towards another person. We vote because of conviction, not because of race or popularity. The issues that matter are moral not financial or social ,because if we as a nation were aligned in our hearts with God, then we wouldn't be in the place that we are today. I pray for God to remove the blinders from yours and others eyes. By the way if it matters, I am black.