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Nuts and Bolts about the Raley’s Strike

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Raley’s says they are doing what they can in order to remain Competitive with other grocery stores.

While the union won’t immediately return our calls, they said in a statement that “terms proposed by the company include elimination of retiree health care and inadequate funding of health care for active workers.”

But Raley’s said that’s not true.

The final contract only deals with employee wages not health care.

Raley’s employees are the highest paid in the nation for their industry making it almost impossible to compete with other stores

“This is a terrible economy. We are suffering. We haven’t been growing. Our customers are suffering. People are changing their purchasing habits and they are going wherever they can find the lowest price and that’s typically with your non-union stores,” said John Segale Raley’s spokesperson.

Clerks and senior clerks make between $9.95/hour and $21.13/hour.

Raley’s also said the union is asking its members to go on strike without allowing them to look at the final contract.

Raley’s says while they are freezing wages for the next two years and taking away premium pay for holidays and Sunday’s they are still offering a week’s paid vacation and holiday pay.

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  • Loyal Raley's Worker

    The union is no longer working for the employees. They are looking out for their own good and the proof is the fact that they never allowed Raley's employees to vote on Raley's last offer. Raley's last offer did not affect the healthcare like the union is stating. We would maintain the same benefits that we currently have, but the union's trust fund would no longer be paid to process the benefits. As for retirees, nothing changes for them until they turn 65 and qualify for medicare. A good majority of us are not concerned with losing Sunday pay and holiday premiums, so why wouldn't the union let us vote?!

  • Papa B

    I find it hard to believe this is a rank and file worker. What name did your Mom give you? Is it really Loyal Raley's worker or was it greedy Rayley's Management member?
    If this offer was worse than the offer Rank and File rejected, why would the Union go to the time and expense to vote on it.
    While being in Management all of my working life, yet still being a 3rd generation Teamster I can only say the fact is these employees feel justified.
    The founder whom everyone speaks good to very good about was the founder, with a founders mentality.
    The grandson is the inheritor with a me, attitude.
    In the food industry the people need good solid health care as not to transfer illnesses by touching things, breathing on other people and sometimes antibiotics which may require a prescription to help them recover.
    The Grandson doesn't worry about feeding, clothing and providing for his family and that's what matters to him.
    In time like all inheritors he will mess up everything that was handed to him and he probably wasn't even on Grandpas list for the position.

  • Papa B

    I sent this e-mail to Raley's, I thought everyone who cares should read it. After all it will probably be spammed by Raley's.

    As you read the first article it was obviously written by a non union employee or a union employee that's on the wrong side of the fence.
    This person is either 1. Too young to recognize the divide and conquer method as the four stores and three contracts,
    2. Already a member of management
    3. Should be a member of management.
    Just remember they already don't know the definition of the word union and if older than I suspect and is divorced at least once.

    As you read the second article as it say's I'm a 3rd generation Union member. Please don't misinterpret that I am defending the Union. I too can do without them. I'm defending the employees that walked out and condemning the uneducated scabs that came in.
    Once you have beat down this contract you will immediately start your plans to beat down the 2nd contact and finally the 3rd contract.
    After talking with several employees at your South Sacramento store, I would have to say the young dumb one's are ready to throw the old timers under the bus, then cry foul when they begin to make more than you care to pay and you screw them.
    The $21.00 you cry about is about $2600. A month after taxes.

    Mr Grandson
    Challenge you to put yourself on that budget and feel good about your accomplishments with your children.
    A family making the high side of your scale could still not send 1 much less all of their children to college.



    Thank You,

  • Unions4themselves

    You are wrong papa b. those are great wages for one person, most are 2 income familys. What other company pays those wages and benefits? Wal mart, food 4 less, winco, costco. No the union is being greedy, over half the workers at a raleys crossed the picket line they love raleys and said they have been good to them. There is no where they want to take their healthcare away. Union tells lies, i have talked to current employees, they did not want to go on strike. Raleys has already downsized closed stores in the last year. I guess if this keeps up they will close more. They will be in the unemployment line, that will really pay their bills and mortgage and send kids to college. Or better yet raleys will just keep their non union stores open. Big unions tell lies they are the ones who will lose money, they dont care about the employees like raleys does. They will be able to get part time minimum wage at walmart. If raleys has been so terrible why are there so many that have been there many years. Raleys does treat their employees and the community very well. I bet if the workers were given this last vote they would not be on strike. Manteca store wants to go non union, half their employees crossed picket line disgusted with union.

  • Unions4themselves

    By the way papa you want raleys to be driven into the ground! Do you realize how many they employ? Stores and trucking, this would be catastrophic, you sound like a very jealous person from a family owned business that has been around 77 years. They are lucky when inheirited they did not sell or close the doors, they kept people employed. At a decent pay.

  • gdr_11

    As a Raley's consumer and someone who has watched this build over the past year, I feel for the employees who are caught in the middle. The employees who are lower on the pay scale are at odds with the union organizers and agents who make more than $150,000 per year and who have no personal stake in the job action. Yesterday, my local store featured 80% of the picketers from outside of the store since the vast majority of employees crossed the picket line to work. The employees on the line were respectful and greeted me entering and exiting, while the non-store picketers were aggressive and ugly.

    In a job action, the employees never win since any modest gains or line-holding outcomes will take 5 years or more to compensate for the losses during even a 2 week strike.

    Unions are organized, management is organized, employees are not. That is why few decertification actions are ever taken. Employees are too busy trying to feed their families and don't have time to organize and control their own destinies.

    On the other hand, I am old enough to remember Tom Raley and they way he treated his employees. All of that has been lost in the last two generations of Raley's leadership, so this is just turning into a big, ugly mess for all parties.

  • Tracy gal

    It’s easier than you think to de-certify and rid yourself of the money-hungry union… Go to the NLRB website and search de-certify!

  • AliceSacramento

    Yesterday, I spoke to several people striking outside of Raley's (I didn't cross the picket line and went to Safeway). What I found out was they were striking for two main reasons. 1) Railey's wants to do away with their retirement plan and 2) Railey's wants to strip down their current Health coverage.__One of the ladies I spoke with has been an employee for 25 Years!! She is scheduled to retire in four (4) short months…. She and others who have worked and PAID into their retirement are now facing a serious crisis!! They are worried and wondering if they will be able to retire or how they will retire if an agreement can't be reached. __They are NOT greedy employees

  • Edward Michael

    What is your union doing to unionize all of the non-union stores? Nothing right. That’s because they can’t. WalMart will close any store that threatens to unionize. What are you going to do about your benefits when Raley’s goes under? They can’t economically compete with all of the non- union shops. They are not SaveMart or Safeway. They are to tied to Sacramento which is the biggest non-union grocery area in the country. Hope the union has jobs for all of you.