Raley’s Workers Call Strike

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Eleventh-hour talks between Raley’s and the United Food and Commercial Workers union fell through Saturday night, leading to a walk-out Sunday.

The walk-out affects Raley’s stores in northern and central California. Marin Austin found at least 30 Raley’s employees striking at a location in Elk Grove.

“We’re not leaving until Raley’s reaches an agreement with us,” they told FOX40.

The issues at the heart of the weeks-long dispute were health care coverage for retirees, and what the union called “unlawful” threats to change collective bargaining agreements from the West Sacramento-based grocery chain.

Sunday morning, Raley’s released a statement saying since no agreement was reached, they will implement the wage package in their last and final offer presented to the union last month. The company’s statement read in part: “Our union employees now must make the same sacrifice their non-union co-workers have already made if they want Raley’s to remain in business in the years to come.”

They also said while they expect employees to show up for work on Sunday, they have plans in place to keep stores open.

Stay with FOX40 and FOX40.com for more from both sides of the dispute.

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  • unions are the death to california

    To bad… there are lots of people ready to take your jobs… fire all of you. Greedy people. Good riddens.. get rid of all unions especially SEIU

  • carol

    Its about the healthcare and well being of those who dedicated 30 years+…..Raley's is trying to strip away their health care for retirees…..That's wrong! O btw they wont get fired nor are they greedy, its about fighting for something that right!

  • I'm union and proud.

    I wonder if you are able to hold a job, get holidays off, get overtime pay, have paid vacation days, get benefits for you and your family. Well if you do, you can thank a union member.

  • goto98

    If Raleys employees want to keep their pay and benefits as the BEST in the nation, they should be striking NON UNION grocery stores.

    Stop punishing the Raleys company that is actually union friendly and employee friendly. Dumb unions have it all backwards.

  • goto98

    If Raleys employees want to keep their pay and benefits as the BEST in the nation, they should be striking NON UNION grocery stores.

  • sara

    Its ridiculous! The employees need to get greatful for having a job with great benefits! Some people dont even have jobs! I know my job does not provide benefits! The union reps dont care about these employees because they are getting paid good money whether they are striking or not!