Rollover Crash Near Elk Grove Kills 4

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A major rollover crash just south of Hood Franklin Road along I-5 has claimed the lives of four people.

Elk Grove Fire says that three cars are involved in the crash. The crash happened sometime around 4 p.m.

CHP says that three people in a Ford Expedition and one person in a Honda have died.

Seven other people are being transported, some with critical injuries.

The crash backed up I-5 in between Hood Franklin and Twin Cities roads late into the night.

Monday, one victim, 50-year-old Kulwant Kaur Gill, was identified by the coroner’s officer.

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  • Charmaine

    Shame on you Larry G. that's not your call to make. Who ever they were they were loved by someone who will miss them forever! God Bless their souls and your too.

  • Anonymous

    Yea larry g. That was rude in disrespectful you need too watch what you say . Bt on that note I been sitting On this freeway for a hour and a half nostuck right by hood franklin exit my heart goes out to the families who have lost there loved ones

  • Randall

    Very Tragic – Question for this Larry G character: Why do ignorant people post comments? Is there some joy idiots like you get by posting sadistic words that bring nothing but pain to the families and friends of the victims that may happen to read this? I feel sorrow for your family and friends because obviously you are a very troubled person.

  • Anonymous

    I heard a lot of sirens rushing to I 5. Just such sad news to hear that there were fatalities! My thoughts and prayers go out to those families. But you know whats even more sad?? People like the first person who commented… its such a tragic thing that happened and when family members or friends of the people reflecting on this story in the news, the first thing they get to read is a heartless, self centered and uncalled for comment…

  • Bob H.

    Shame on you for thinking that. I have felt the pain of losing someone in a tragic accident and it never will go away. My prayers are with all families involved.

  • Nicole

    Saw this when I was going southbound on I-5. It was horrible. I saw one woman come out the back of a black SUV, what a night it was for her.

  • Dawn

    I feel awful for the lives that where taken

    You know the accident is bad when your stuck

    In non stop traffic for 2 and a half hours. Yuck

    Praying for the love ones who are left behind

  • Harjot Gill

    Coming back from the Sikh parade in yuba city got stuck in traffic on I-5 just heard now of how many lives were taken .my prayers are with all the families involved .

  • Anonymous

    Larry must have deleted his post!! Probably Out of shame and utter humiliation from saying and using such a narsistic. Behavior.. im sure the news people didnt delete it..Huh Larry!!…

  • MedicJake

    I just watched the story on the 10pm TV news, and they actually showed shots of these poor people's dead bodies on the live news. All those yellow blankets have bodies underneath. Those shots were completely unnecessary, and incredibly insensitive and irresponsible. I would hate for that to be my family. Shame on this horribly poor discretion and irresponsible newscasting.

  • Whyn Oldman

    Larry's comment was deleted before I signed on here. From reading the other comments I guess he really must be something you would find at the bottom of a cesspool.


    my husband was hit and killed on the freeway by madison ave. on august 13th.i feel so sorry for all these peoples families.