Raley’s Health Plan at Center of Strike Proves Better than Competitor’s Coverage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Raley’s employees strike outside an Elk Grove store location Sunday.


At the center of the Raley’s strike is the issue of medical coverage.

Raley’s released a summary of the contract they presented to the union four weeks ago, but according to Raley’s and union employees the contract was never presented to union employees by the union.

Raley’s also released a comparison of their contract to that of Save Mart’s and it showed that Raley’s plan was better.

The health plan for union employees is also better than they provide their store directors and corporate office.

The plan reuqires no premiums and also provides paid sick leave.

Save Mart’s contract requires weekley contributions.

If you retire, Raley’s continues to offer health care up until the age of 65 which is when individuals become eligible for medicare.

That cut off goes for all Raley’s employees including company executives and non union stores.

“The reason is simple,” Raley’s said in a statement. “We can no longer afford this very expensive coverage. In fact, 85% of employers have taken similar action and no longer provide this coverage.

Strikers are currently on day five of a strike.

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  • Steve

    Wow with this many people out of work you should be lucky you have a job.i hope they go non union and you go from a picket line to the unemployment line. Then they can hire some people that would appreciate the job. Haven’t you figured out with all the stores closing with savemart also closing stores. They can’t compete with the big box stores. Walmart,winco foodsco. The box stores have cheaper non union labor and better prices. When the family is forced to sell off raleys. You’ll wish you took the deal.

  • disabledmom2


    Gosh, I worked at Sutter and I had to contribute to my health plan! What the heck are they complaining about.

    We have millions of people out of work. My husband is the the wage earner, he works 7 days a week. 10 to 12 hour days as a taxi driver. Our current health care is medi-cal because im out of work on a disability. They should try that for a few months when they are used to their quality care.

    Im not complaining, im pointing out how thankful they should be. What I would give to be back at work paying into a health plan.

  • Dan Freysinger

    Would you be thankful if your husbands company sent home a memo stating they were going to cut his wages because times are tough?