You Got a Red Light Ticket – Now What?

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You see the flash, and know that red light you just ran is going to cost you $480; that’s a tough pill to swallow, considering that is about half the average rent in Sacramento.

So we decided to find out how people can get out of the ticket. In Sacramento County around 8,000 people get flashed by red light cameras, 6,000 people get out of those red light tickets.

Those 6,000 erased tickets consist of emergency vehicles running red lights, misfires, cars that really don’t run red lights, people who stop partially in the intersection but don’t run the red light and unidentifiable pictures. If the camera can’t see your face clearly then they don’t know who to mail the ticket to. Also, if the camera snaps a shot of a female driver’s face but the car is registered to a man, or vice-versa, then they will not send a ticket out.

But other than those loop holes, there is really no way to get out of your ticket. Traffic school does not lower the price of the ticket. In fact, you end up paying an extra $56 on top of the $480 for the ticket. The only benefit from the driving school is it takes point off your driving record.

Attorneys also tell us there is really no reason to try to fight the ticket in court with both pictures and video of the traffic violation judges will find you guilty every time, they could even force you to pay more than the ticketed price.

To make it even harder to get out of  tickets Governor Jerry Brown just signed a new law that makes the video and pictures taken from the cameras admissible in court. So you can’t even fight that the picture is an invasion of privacy, unless you want to go the federal courts, that decision will cost you at least $1,500.

So when it  comes to running red lights in Sacramento County, don’t. If you’re caught, and they can identify you, the cost is going to make you see red.

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  • Steve

    Not true. You can get off on a red light ticket. At least I did and I clearly ran it. The picture was me and the video was clear I ran it. I ran the light on the corner of sunrise and oak making a right turn. It states that a city is required to post a sign at all major roads entering a city with red light cameras that they have the cameras. There was no sign warning me of the cameras entering citrus heights coming down sunrise. The officer even lied and said their was. But I took a video driving down the street which clearly showed no warning sign. The officer tried hard to get me to change my plea before court saying I couldn’t win and they have a 99.9% success rate. Not anymore. The judge through it out.

  • lervees1

    In Florida they are usually about $150 but it is different. The ticket the owner of the car, and they do not care who was driving it. If it was a rental car, the company that rented it HAS to pay it, and will come after you

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