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Californians Organize Effort to Brighten Kansas Boy’s Last Days

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It all started with a simple request – get as many cards to Kiandon Kirk, a boy dying from leukemia, for his 5th birthday.

Family believes this could be Kiandon’s last birthday. His birthday is on November 15.

“I’m hoping when he opens the box he’s speechless,” said Kiandon’s cousin, Georgina Huamani.

Georgina told her friend Kris Naven, who then posted Kiandon’s story on Facebook.

“I just thought he is only four years old, and having boys ages five and seven, it really hit home,” Naven said.

Soon after, cards began rolling in from all over.

“All the way from San Diego, San Francisco, Roseville, New York, Thailand,” said Huamani.

Even President Obama sent a letter.

“It was like, ‘Wow, let’s open it!’ And we were feeling the seal on it and holding it up to the light. Is this legit, is this real,” recalled Huamani.

For Huamani, it means a lot to give to a cousin she has never had the chance of meeting.

“It was one little small thing I wanted to do. If it wasn’t for our friends, if it wasn’t for our church, it would have never happened,” said Huamani.

They shipped 99 pounds of cards to Salina, Kansas where Kiandon will spend his last days in the comfort of his own home.

If you would like to get involved, cards can be sent to 102 S. Wolf Ave. Lucas, KS 67648.

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  • Shane

    You are are a precious child of God. May he bless you and keep you close to him. All my love and prayers are with you and your family

  • Lauraterrigino

    Dearest Kiandon,

    The men and women of the 55th Operations Group and the 55th Communications Squadron at Offutt AFB will be overnighting you a package full of birthday cards and a special surprise. We wish you the happiest birthday!

    A1C Laura Terrigino

  • richbooksinc


    We love you and so does God. Have a blessed birthday and have lots of fun! You will see our card soon.
    Rick and Sandra

  • aniasha

    Hello Beautiful, I hear your 5 years old? Wow! Of course you know what this means, you have to get a Job now. LOL, Just joshing ya. Kian I hope you have a beautiful day and all your wish are granted and at the end of the day know one thing. YOU ARE LOVED.

    Sincerly, Aniasha

  • Stacey Hastings

    I wanting to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY my bday is today to,be strong the lord has plans for you,I will keep you and your family in my prays.

  • Tanisha

    My daughter is five tomorrow and I can’t imagine her having to fight like you have been. Happy birthday sweet sweet angel. The Lord has many things planned for you, a child of God. Enjoy your birthday and have plenty of smiles and laughter. May you live everyday from here until you are called in light, laughter, and love. May every one of your wishes come true, this I pray for you sweet child.

  • bfarnsworth2

    We are currently stationed at Fort Irwin California and I was contacted by someone to sew a blues army uniform for Kiandon and I mailed it next day on Monday. I do not know the family of Kiandon but was wonder if anyone knew if he was able to be buried in it today..tyia…My prayers to everyone involved for your loss. Fly with angel Kiandon..Bfarnsworth2@yahoo.com…760-577-2594