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Sacramento Retailers On The “Grid” Seek Holiday Shoppers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Retailers in Sacramento’s downtown, midtown and Old Sacramento are banding together to promote a “Keep the Green in the Grid” campaign.

The grid refers to the checker board of blocks laid out by the city’s founders.

It’s home to dozens of retailers which are hoping to capture more holiday shopping dollars by convincing local consumers to help homegrown businesses.

“People who are local to Sacramento, they live here, they work here, their employers are probably your neighbors,” said Lisa Martinez with the Downtown Partnership.

Eura Edmond says it’s more than keeping dollars local. He was shopping at Stage Nine, a entertainment themed store in Old Sacramento.

“You get a better product so I feel it’s not only better for the local economy but better for me,” said Edmond.

City center merchants are realistic.  They know that people will buy at shopping malls, online and at big box stores this holiday season.  They are asking shoppers to make an online pledge to buy at least two items on the “Grid”.

Lauren Martinez and Natalie Marrone were shopping at the tiny Heart Clothing Boutique. They say exploring smaller retailers is done at a more relaxed pace and can be an adventure.

“You can find some cute stuff and it creates a memory of a fun time that you had,” said Maronne.

And of course the clothing and jewelry tend to be unique.

“You find little pieces where you go someplace and people ask ‘where did you get it from?” said Martinez.

Sophia Edmond says she likes to put her own stamp on her purchases and that’s more likely at local specialty shops.

“The more original and unique, it’s more like an extension of yourself almost. You can say I spent some time and I felt devoted to this piece, like this is what I want for my family for a long time,” said Edmond.

You can find out more about pledging to shop on the Grid by clicking here.

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