Hostess Negotiations Underway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Omar

    I think that the workers should all go back to work Immediately with one condition that is to hire somebody like lee Iacocca that can be financially creative and keep monitoring and decision making over the upper management please not a consulting company that will drain money from the Company and realize probably nothing.Number 2 all upper management should cut their salaries in half, that will give some hope and showing good faith to the employees. Number 3 slowly replenish the retirement plan money that the company end up using for operations at least for employees that have been there for so many years. Number 4 I wish I could negotiate for the company and union, I know I will be able to construct an advantageble solution. AHB Budweiser maker has been sold to a european beer maker. Let’s not loose trophy companies via sale or via bankcrupcey. As far as who’s fault this is I blame both: it does look like that the company was miss managed, and on the other side the union should cease strikes immediately. Is amazing how in such large companies all parties operate with such immaturity. This is not just for the company and union, this is for America’s financial and media health. But is true that meanwhile there is a lot of sharks in the water waiting to acquire the company from the chapter 11 filings. I think that the final negotiations are tomorrow I wish the best for saving this company hoping that the two parties can come to a successfull mediation. Remember u both have to give.

    Good luck to both parties please be smart.

    Remember to the both of u 100% of zero is zero so try and make it work.

    All I hope is tomorrow when I get to my computer I see A deal between the 2


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