Pregnant Woman Loses Baby in Hit-and-Run Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A pregnant woman lost her baby Saturday night after being hit by a car before the driver sped off.

“It’s horrible, I just lost my kid and the person didn’t even stop to ask me if I was O.K.,” hit and run victim Kendra Douglas told FOX40.

The crash happened on Watt Avenue near Margaret. Kendra Douglas, 17, was thrown 10 feet in the from the impact of the crash, while her uncle was holding her two-month-old daughter, Blessing, just feet away.

Douglas has a broken pelvis and a host of other injuries, but despite cameras on Watt Avenue, the California Highway Patrol has no leads in the case. All Kendra knows is a man in a black Monte Carlo ended the life of the child she was growing and nearly her own.

“He could have took my life. He took my unborn child’s life and he could have took my life and my daughter would have been growing up not knowing her mother. I forgive this man, but I want him caught. And I want him to pay for what he did since he wasn’t man enough to stop,” Douglas said.

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  • greenducky2713

    she couldn't have been very far along in this pregnancy if she already has a two month old daughter unless this is a typo? Either was it is still sad.

  • Sactodad916

    Sorry for her accident, but am I the only one to notice that she is juat 17 and had 1 child and another on the way? I;m pretty sure that having sex with a minor is a felony in the state of CA. Why am I not reading about the police looking into why she has 2 kids before she is evn 18.And how old are the fathers?

  • anonymous

    This story is all bad . This obviously happened in the wee hours . Why does she have a two month old and one on the way at 17 years old . If theh fathers are over 18 they need to be arrested . Sex with minors is disgusting and illegal. Those men ought to feel highly ashamed of themselves .

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