Fog Suspected in 100-vehicle Texas Wreck that Claims at least One Life

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At least one person was killed and an undetermined number injured in Thanksgiving Day pile-ups involving an estimated 100 cars on a foggy stretch of highway in southeast Texas, authorities said.

Officers first received a call mid-morning Thursday indicating there were multiple cars involved on a wreck on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 southwest of Beaumont in Jefferson County.

“Initial reports at the time of the crash indicated there was dense fog, which could be a contributing factor to those crashes,” Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Stephanie Davis said.  Video from CNN affiliate KBMT showed badly mangled vehicles atop one another, and people who appeared to be injured stretched out in grass alongside the highway and on ambulance gurneys.

Long lines of cars, each battered and some appearing to be totaled, lined the roadway. The vehicles included cars, minivans, pickups, tractor-trailer trucks, and at least one FedEx truck.  In several pictures, there appeared to be a slight sheen of fog.  No details were known about the fatality or exactly how many injuries resulted from the accidents, said Davis.

Several victims were transported to neighboring hospitals in Beaumont and Port Arthur.  Davis did not know if all the crashes occurred at once or if they occurred over a protracted amount of time. “All I can say there was an initial crash, and then chain reaction crashes from that,” he said.

The role of fog and the causes of the accidents was still under investigation, Davis said.  The eastbound lanes of I-10 in that area were to remain closed for the eight to 10 hours, authorities said. The westbound lanes were open as of Thursday afternoon.

CNN’s Vivian Kuo contributed to this report.

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