Local Teen YouTube Sensation Taking Views to the Bank

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ever wondered how an iPhone would stand up to a hammer? Me neither, but you can find anything on YouTube.

But this story isn’t about “just smashing phones.”

It’s about Taras Maksimuk and his smashing YouTube success.

“I got a package in the mail and I just decided to open it. Like videotape it. I published it on YouTube and the views slowly over time started just rolling in,” Taras said.

And roll in they did.

“In April, back in May, I got around two thousand views a day. Right now, it’s been like 25 thousand just a day, so.”

His channel is nearing four and half million views and 6,500 subscribers. And while we’re talking numbers, it’s probably good to point out that Taras is only 18 and a senior in high school.

And his friends?

“They’re pretty much shocked.”

And it’s not just the views – he’s getting the money, too.

“Recently, I’ve been getting well over a grand.”

So how does he do it? I mean, he makes it sound so easy.

“I just upload videos on YouTube, that’s pretty much it.”

Surely he’s doing something different. Only 3% of videos on YouTube ever get above 1,000 views. So how can you be a part of that 3%? Tara’s shared some of his tips with us.

“Make them once a week … Usually, I have a list of the videos I’m gonna do beforehand. The iPhone 5; I did all those videos pretty much like the week that the device came out … It has to be something that people really want to know about. Not like how to turn on a Playstation three.”

And if you’re wondering, someone did make a video for that.

“Grab your camera and make videos because everyone has the potential to do that. There’s just money floating around on YouTube if you actually put the time and effort.”

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