Suspect Headbutts Officer after Flipping Handcuffs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

From left to right: Corey Long, 21, Aaron Brown, 24, and Andre Mayfield, 25.


Three men were arrested late Wednesday night after police searched a “suspicious” car – with one suspect managing to flip his handcuffs forward and allegedly assault an officer.

Police pulled up on a parked car near Stockton Boulevard and U Street around 10:32 p.m. that had three men inside. One of the men tried to run away but was quickly stopped by police.

Officers then did a probation search of the car, finding a loaded gun, drugs and stolen property inside.

At some point during the search, one suspect – 21-year-old Corey Long – managed to slip his arms to the front while handcuffed and while an officer tried to re-cuff him, he head-butted the officer.

It took several officers to eventually re-cuff Long. The officer head-butted had to be sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Long now faces possession of controlled substance, giving false identification to an officer and resisting arrest charges.

Two other men, 24-year-old Aaron Brown and 25-year-old Andre Mayfield, were also arrested and face possession charges. Mayfield also faces resisting arrest along with receiving stolen property charges, while Brown also has a probation violation.

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