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Bolt Given Stay of Execution

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bolt awaiting his court hearing.


Bolt, the Alaskan malamute sentenced to be euthanized after biting a woman, has been given a stay of execution.

The stay was announced after a court hearing in Stockton Monday morning. A handful of protestors were outside of Turlock city hall, awaiting the decision.

The bite happened back on Halloween weekend, when the 3 and half-year-old, 140 pound dog bit McKenzie Leedom after she laid on top of him in the middle of the night.  She was dating Bolt’s owner, Daniel Mendonca, at the time.

McKenzie’s mother, Ray Anne Leedom, was the one to report the bite. McKenzie reportedly didn’t want to cause any trouble, but she needed several stitches to repair the damage.

At an earlier hearing, an animal control officer said Bot bit another woman in the face in a separate incident. Bolt was then declared “vicious” and sentenced to be euthanized on Dec. 11.

However, a campaign soon started in support of Bolt, with a Facebook page garnering over 2,000 likes.

McKenzie has said that she feels her reputation has been tarnished by untruths since the start of the campaign to save Bolt. Supporters of Bolt have claimed that McKenzie was intoxicated at the time and that she was lying on the dog, or had him in a headlock.

With two dogs of her own, Mckenzie is in the process of filing a restraining order against Mendonca. She claims that he threatened her after the biting incident.

FOX40 reached out to Ray Anne Monday afternoon, but she said that her family does not want to talk to the media.

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  • karan

    Maybe mckinze should be charged wirh animal abuse for laying on the dog in the first place.pinning him down,scaring him,. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR MOTHER.

  • sherrywinans

    i dont understand how you can even think about putting a dog down for biting someone when a man can go out and kill our children or family members and they are put in prison for the rest of there lives or put on death role but. Hell we dont kill them. Being a tax payer we still have to support them. Think of the families that have lost someone its a slap in there face everyday its like there loved ones didnt mean anything to the courts and thats sad. so they should let bolt go home with his family and leave him alone. They are taking the word of someone who knows maybe she did something to him to get bit only if he could talk. All i know it just plain wrong what they are doing

  • LuvAnimals

    Seems to me the dog may have been startled out of a sound sleep by someone he may not have been used to having around. She was in his "territory" and startled him. Dog owners should know the limitations of their dogs. If this guy wanted his girlfriend to sleep over, perhaps he should have put the dog in a different room, especially if this had happened before as they claim in the article. Certainly not the dog's fault. Maybe the owner needs to take a class, or read up, on animal behavior.