Fourth Grader Killed by Possible Bacterial Meningitis

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Jewle Knight

Photo of Jewel Knight released by her family.


A fourth grader in Stockton died Sunday from what is believed to be a case of bacterial meningitis.

Stockton Unified School District officials say the girl, a student at Kennedy Elementary, was sent home sick Thursday. Jewel Knight was first treated at a local hospital, then at the Oakland Children’s Hospital, where she died over the weekend.

Members of Knight’s family believed to have had direct contact with her were also treated.

Bacterial meningitis is not spread through casual classroom contact, health experts say. The infection can, however, spread through kissing, sharing the same soda can or drinking glass or sharing the same eating utensils.

Early symptoms of the disease can resemble flu symptoms.

Nurses were at the school Monday to see if students or faculty had any direct contact with Knight. If so, they would be treated with antibiotics.

If anyone would like to donate to Knight’s family, there is a Jewel Knight memorial fund at Bank of the West.

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  • Maty Perez Rivera

    This sudden and unfortunate death is a reminder to keep a close eye on our childrens health and to act immediately even if the symptoms are flu like symptoms, you just never know. I acted quickly and took my child to see doctor with flu like symptoms and was given antibiotics as a precaution, all parents of Kennedy Elementary should do the same and not wait until is to late. Our prayers go out to Jewel’s family in this hard times. :(